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Bullet Art

Artist directory :: Bullet Art

Recycled mixed medua works of art!

 Bullet Art


Penny Boedigheimer 
My life is about contradictions and challenging the norm; I am a woman in a male dominated career, I carry a gun to enforce peace, and I create art to open the mind. My intention is that through my art, you will view the world not as liminted or defined, but as open and flowing, multi-faceted and positive. The purpose of anything we view is only limited by our own perceptions. I am a "Peacemaker" "For we too are marked by the people we work with and the work that we do".


Art Work 47 items
Portraits All types of medium and technique
Sculpture Mixed Media Sculpture
Jewelry 34 items
Forensics Police Sketches of suspects involved in crimes


Next Journey
Gallery Operations Assistant Manager - yep that's me! I had my first sale since I have retired as a LEO. I work in the NCI Art Gallery in Peru, Illinois and I bartend at Go Brewing in Naperville, Illinois. I want to thank Mrs.

New Perspective
Coming Soon....

2021 My next journey
Four years of no real new ART it is time to TRUMP this thing out of the ballpark.

Braved the Shave!!!!
2013, shaved the head again for St. Baldricks. Even the Geneva Mayor came out to lend a hand!! Thanks everyone who supported the event!!!!

St. Baldrick's 2013
Click on the picture to view my shavee site!!!

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