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“Ketu’rah’s:  Bio/Introduction”:  
With an Abstract Eye, 
the artist sees the world as it
would be if things were as they
could be.
Ketu’rah Glore has such an eye. 

Ketu’rah’s roots stretch from
Africa to San Diego, to Atlanta,
 to New York, and thru parts of
 She began transferring thoughts
 to canvas around the age of 14 
when she realized that she had a
 knack for expressing herself thru art.
  The young artiste found guidance 
and inspiration in the tutelage of
 renowned artists Maurice Evans 
and Grace Kisa. 
 Along her journey thru Life, 
releasing her stresses thru art
 became therapeutic for her.
 "Pressure may bust pipes",
 but Ketu’rah creates precious
 jewels out of the weight of the
Ketu’rah describes her style as
 “ethnic abstract” while remaining
 “universally beautiful mixed media”.
 She is an artist who turns concepts
 of unique perspective into a
 smorgasbord of food for thought for
 those who would feast their minds eye
 upon her creations. 
 Her works are provocative enough to 
invoke opinions, yet brilliant in the 
simplicity of the message that they represent.

In addition to being a prolific painter,
 Ketu’rah is an acclaimed artist.
  She earned a Degree in:
 Computer Aided Draft & Design 
from ITT Technical Institute March 2011
in addition was  inducted into the 
National Technical Honors Society
on August 21, 2010.  
At the Killeen Spring Art Competition in 2008,
 she was awarded The Golden Toad Award 
for her painting titled “1977” and she was also
 voted “The People’s Choice” at the same
  Ketu’rah was appointed the biographical 
candidate to represent Killeen, Texas in the
 prestigious Cambridge “Who’s Who among
 Executive and Professional Women” (2006 – 2007).
Fine art is second only to Love and laughter
 when it comes to turning a house into a home
 or a business into a home base.
  You can view and purchase some Ketu’rah Glore
 originals such as “Spirit Locks”at the
 East Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. 

"If 'abstract  art' is too intense to 
understand then you should just 
appreciate it for its beauty and the 
emotions it invokes."

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  • July 6th 2006 KETU'RAH GLORE 
    is appointed as a biographical candidate
     to represent Killeen,Tx. in the 
    "Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive
     and Professional Women." 2006-2007.
    * Look for my inclusion on theCambridge Site:
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