You possess a beautiful enlightening spirit and it shows in your work(*_*)
-- Michael Bruce, 4/24/16

I wholeheartedly enjoyed my time at your site. What's more, I'm going to mention it on my personal blog . Yes I have a blog.
-- Simon, 2/16/14

Love the art. I am a local artist in Harker Heights, Tx. It is great to see a artist of color pursuing their dream! Awesome and talented that you are. Be Blessed!
-- Roshanda Prior, 7/15/13

I love this page. I also love taking pictures as well
-- Mysherr'ee Smith-dixon, 4/29/13

Keep up the good work... check in 2013.
-- Jermaine, 2/27/13

I love it......
-- Shon.Turner, 6/19/12

Something About Your Art Got me....
-- Linnell "Lilo" Mccoy, 6/14/12

Just stopped by to wave and say hello...thanks for your great work, it's on my FACEBOOK wall with a link so more of my friends check you out!
-- Tastysunshine, 4/27/12

I love the art it is very vibrant. It is like it tells the story of ethnic people in a beautiful tone.
-- Terence Parker, 12/29/11

I really appreciate your creative talent and spirit! Best wishes!
-- Antonio Mcallister, 11/4/11

-- Lajuana, 6/13/11

Very nice arts...
-- Glenn Ronase Glore, 3/28/11

Thank you for sharing your talent. As an artist myself and with the same name, I would like to get to know more. Maybe we can work together, considering I love writing to art. Hope to hear from you soon.
-- Keturah Blueflavor Brown, 12/13/10

the beauty of a woman's mind, as a real king will understand...Cali-isms
-- Jeffery Sanders, 10/10/10

I'm diggin the site Babe! There are some very nice pieces here that I haven't seen before. I was pleasantly surprised. I am soo proud of you. Remember that "The best way to ensure that success will happen, is to make it happen!" Make it happen Ketu'rah!
-- Phetote, 9/14/10

Thank you for sharing your abstract work.
-- Aspire, 6/11/10

Angelique Renee' Washingtonyour new work is captivating and very open...will come back soon to revisit your creativity...
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 6/7/10

You are such a piece of work. Leave other people alone and worry about yourself. you are not the queen, you will never be the queen. Shut your nasty ass trap and butt the hell out of other peoples lives. grow up and STOP insulting children you ignorant chickenhead.
-- Shelly Winter, 4/1/10

Can't wait to see your "Seven Deadly Sins" collection!
-- Rebekah Hamilton, 2/26/10

I love your paintings. I spoke with your today and she gave me your website. I really admire you. I too have a love for the Arts. I had to stop painting due to my migrains. I gave away everything i painted. I give you two thumbs up for your talent. Sincerely, Roby
-- Emma Roby, 1/21/10

Angelique Renee' Washington2010 it seems you are still doin' your thang...and brilliantly so...your work is magnificent and purely gifted... Blakk
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 1/9/10

YOUR art work is very engaing and warm ,you have a several peices that areExqiusite. CONTACT ME 806 236 1581
-- Michael, 8/3/09

Angelique Renee' Washingtonhey there the concept, art and designs...we should get acquainted...please add me here or yahoo IM: Artisstree....congratulations on class...
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 5/24/09

Norma BrinkerVery inspiring, I love your work. You Go Girl!
-- Norma Brinker, 5/15/09

Keturah, I am so in awe of you and your talent. Everytime I visit your site I am overwhelmed by the beauty and depth of your art creations. i truly love the special pieces you did for me. I pray that God will continue to increase your territory as your work deserves to be accessible globally. Peace, Favor and Love...
-- Aunt Niecy, 3/10/09

would like to know more about my Goddess
-- Delight Masuku, 1/6/09

would love to meet all the abstract Queens of the world
-- Delight Masuku, 1/6/09

As always , your paintings are the BOMB. Love yor work sis. Keep on doing what you do. Stay blessed!
-- Shun Cherry, 10/1/08

salve,complimenti molto interessante. saluti sandro mirto ambrogio in arte geo
-- Sandrogeo, 8/4/08

It has been my pleasure to experience your gallery. We will meet one day. Warm regards and Blessings, Your cuz, Cheryl from Paducah.
-- Cheryl "Glore" Perry, 7/18/08

Looking forward to placing some of your art on the walls of my new place. Blessing be upon you in all you do.
-- Mistasoreel, 7/12/08

Would like to know, if you would consider exhibiting some of your art work at the Planetarium Gallery, on the Campus of CTC. Let's talk when you can. Thank you Cw
-- Charles Wilson, 6/20/08

Still in Love, with your work. Great eye, powerful messages.
-- Cameron Carrington, 5/28/08

You go girl! :)
-- Jermaine Dennis, 4/27/08

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing! -*-Glory to God!

 KETU'RAH GLOREKilleen, TX619-726-3307

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