My dream has come true and ColorScapes Fine Art has now officially gone international!! Back in September I traveled to 6 of the Greek Isles with my sketchbook in order to bring you a totally new art series! While traveling to Greece: Athens, Santorini, Thirasia, Crete, Mykonos, Milos, and Aegina- I created over 40 watercolors. I want to frame them for collector's items since I have rarely done watercolor since the series started in 2004-5. So now I am creating 6 more canvases in bright acrylic of the isles of Greece to dazzle your senses! Also, my mission is to create custom/collectable Art Scarves from the images of my series. Collect all of the Art Scarves from the Grecian Isles and enjoy the fun! Art Show will be held at my art gallery & studio: Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery 614 Agua Fria in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Opening Night will be May 11th 5-9pm. Show dates: May 11th- June 22nd. For more info visit: or Or text/call me at: 928-308-0319.


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