Chaco Canyon Solo Art Show


Chaco Canyon Lilies

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ColorScapes 2020 Solo Exhibit Online


19 Pueblos: LandScapes of Enchantment
Artwork will be on the Theme of New Mexico's 19 Sacred Pueblos! Opens online on May 9th- June 6th. Join is on Facebook LIVE!


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My dream has come true and ColorScapes Fine Art has now officially gone international!! Back in September I traveled to 6 of the Greek Isles with my sketchbook in order to bring you a totally new art series! While traveling to Greece: Athens, Santorini, Thirasia, Crete, Mykonos, Milos, and Aegina- I created over 40 watercolors. I want to frame them for collector's items since I have rarely done watercolor since the series started in 2004-5. So now I am creating 6 more canvases in bright acrylic of the isles of Greece to dazzle your senses! Also, my mission is to create custom/collectable Art Scarves from the images of my series. Collect all of the Art Scarves from the Grecian Isles and enjoy the fun! Art Show will be held at my art gallery & studio: Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery 614 Agua Fria in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Opening Night will be May 11th 5-9pm. Show dates: May 11th- June 22nd. For more info visit: or Or text/call me at: 928-308-0319.


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"The Soul of Nowhere" Art by Rachel Houseman Honoring Wilderness


"Monument Valley Ride" 36x24" Acrylic on Canvas
"In Wilderness lies the Hope of the World" -John Muir


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Abiquiu Inn, Galeria Arriba Solo Exhibit


Abiquiu Inn

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"Two Women & One Show" Contemporary Plein Air Colorisits


"Two Women & One Show" Contemporary Plein Air Colorisits
Artists Rachel Houseman and Paula Swain will be on site to talk about their new work. If you love color don't miss this show! 614 Agua Fria Street Downtown between the Guadalupe Arts District and Railyard Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information check out the gallery website: Gallery Hours 11-5 Monday-Saturday, Sunday 12-5pm, or by Appointment: 928-308-0319.

If your passion is color, then you cannot miss this show! Eye on the Mountain proudly features two Contemporary Plein Air Colorists. Rachel Houseman is the Founder of Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery. Rachel has been painting the Southwest desert landscape for 11 years and has produced over 500 stunning canvases. Her unique and unmistakable style incorporates vivid color and visionary interpretations of the landscape. Paula Swain is an Award Winning Plein Air Colorist. She had 2nd place at Plein Air Moab Festival in 2012. She also had honorable mention at 2014 Plein Air Moab. She also had an honorable mention in Driggs Plein Air 2014. Both artists currently show in many esteemed galleries around the Southwest and this show brings them together!

Santa Fe Art Gallery

Enjoy seeing new work by Artists PAZ and Jane Cassidy and new prints by Artist Rachel Houseman. Dialog about the imagery that has sparked conversation, controversy and has captivated New Mexico and the world! Don't miss one of your last chances to see and celebrate the art exhibit Santa Fe has been talking about. With special guest Speaker Author, Scholar and Feminist Sallie Bingham. Sallie will talk about the significance of Eye on the Mountain Artist Paz and his"3 Goddesses in One" the now famous painting of Guadalupe. Don's miss this monumental event! (Art Show officially closes on Thursday, February 12th, 2015.) Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 11-5pm. Sundays 12-5pm. Call for Appointment.

Santa Fe Art Gallery
The Celestial Guadalupe
Guadalupe Group Art Show, Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery

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ASU's Center for Art and Advocacy is showing a series of portriats created by artist Rachel Houseman.  These works represent a year of portraits that were made in the city of Prescott, Arizona.  As a part of the Group Art Show "portraits" Rachel's Art will be on display in the giant lobby area of the ASU student center building on Central Ave. Downtown Phoenix.  This is Rachel's second show at the Center for Advocacy and the arts and her work is valued amongst many other great local artists. 


Meanwhile, over at ASU's Poly Tech Campus Rachel Houseman will be featuring a large show of 30 ColorScapes paintings that represent the Beauty of the Southwest. She will feature her large canvas 5x6' titled "Spirit of Arizona" as a part of AZ's Centennial celebration and honoring indigenous peoples.  She has been chosen to be interviewed by the Poly Tech's Media and News department and a featured article reguarding her art's meaning purpose, and message will be shared through the Arizona Repbublic Newspaper this spring.  She will be interviewed by the class of journalists and the winner will have thier article published in the news! Stay tuned for this link.

"Spirit of Arizona"

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Range Cafe Bernalillo, New Mexico


"Four Peaks Cactus Garden"
From Home on the Range Website:Albuquerque Restaurant and Art Gallery
At Range Cafe, every dining experience is colored with creative pieces inspired by artists living in and loving New Mexico. All three Range Café locations feature photography, furniture, lighting, mirrors, paintings, sculptures, and other masterpieces from local artists. The result is a fantastic meal eaten in a comfortable, laid back atmosphere with top notch customer service. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Our Bernalillo restaurant even has an individual gallery where local artists can showcase entire collections of their work.

From Yelp:

"The layout is relaxed, the art on the wallls is tasteful and local and wonderful."  Pat M.

"This place was really authentic looking. Kinda reminded me of a cool downtown Portland kind of fusion Mexican restaurant. Funky art decor filled the place. I felt at home in a strange kinda way." Anjela S.

"VERY hard to go wrong here. And they have local artists displaying their art all over the restaurant and the gift shop is excellent!! Do yourself a favor and enjoy this wonderful taste of NM!" D.G.H.

"The building is how you want NM to be with fantastic art." Constant C.

"Super comfy and full of eclectic art... I had to eat here twice when we were in the area." Abi T.



Range Cafe Display of Rachel Houseman's "ColorScapes" Series

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Moab Plein Air Festival 2012



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Fountain Hills Great Fair 2013


Fountain Hills Fine Art Show

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