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    My art emerges from deep inside.  I am led by intuition to discover what line, shape, and color  have to show me as I play with paint and form.  My intention is to stretch toward images my deep self chooses to reveal.  Sometimes my art appears childlike, sometimes ideas from ancient art appear.  My art puts me in touch with the deep pools of memory and desire within me.  I often collage layers of printed paper on the painting surface and then respond to the images and lines that become extant on the surface.  Creation comes from destruction.  I am excited to see what emerges. Spirit leads me when I get out of the way.

Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE  I use acrylic paint and inks, paint markers, collage techniques, and wax crayons in my paintings.  I use various kinds of scrap materials in the sculptures I make.
 My studio is Arlington, VA at Crystal City Underground in the Red Studios  I am a member of the Arlington Artist Alliance and the Del Ray Artisans Gallery in Alexandria.  I have presented numerous talks on the history of abstract art and other topics in art history, including topics in faith and art.  My artwork has been shown at numerous venues and galleries in the Washington Metropolitan Area

 I earned a BA degree from Macalester College with a major in Fine Art and a minor in humanities.  I earned a Master of Divinity from McCormick Seminary and then a Master of Social Work from Catholic University.  I was ordained to a community arts ministry, and then served parishes in Christian Education and leadership development.  As a social worker I worked in the AIDS Program at Whitman Walker Clinic, then as a pastoral counselor in private practice, and with The Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia.  Although I put my art making aside for most of my years in ministry, I made use of many creative and artistic approaches in my work with people.  When I retired from full-time active ministry in March, 2008, I was amazed at how my zeal for making art sprang to the forefront of my life.

 I live in Arlington with my husband, Ed and our cat Thaddeus.

Rusty Lynn




          Rusty Lynn is an artist living in Arlington, Virginia.  After a long career in ministry, social work, and pastoral counseling, he is devoting his time to a life in the arts.  Rusty received a Batchelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Fine Arts and a Minor in Humanities from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Although setting his art career aside while doing ministry, he made use of his arts education by producing and directing religious drama in the church, creating off-loom weavings, and employing art therapy techniques with clients in his pastoral counseling practice.  Currently he is working in acrylic paints and collage, and making assemblages, a practice dating to his childhood.

   Rusty has been interested in the links between the arts, creativity, and spirituality for most of his life.  Being an artist in ministry meant that he was often looking for a more creative way to do things, such as developing a simulation game about intergalactic travel as a way of helping teenagers explore what it could mean to be a caring and creative community.  As a gay man, he continually explores what it means to be on the outside of society.  This led him to expand his ministry into mental health by getting a Masters in Social Work, allowing him to work with persons living with HIV and AIDS.  He created and led grief workshops for AIDS “Buddies” using the arts as tools for expression.  While working as a pastoral counselor Rusty combined ministry, psychotherapy, art and spirituality.

 Rusty Lynn











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