Artist Statement

            My art grows out of an intense desire to create.  Humans are co-creators with the Creator.  I love playing with colors and shapes, textures and objects because they speak to me in their own spiritual language.  I am stirred, tickled, brought to tears, and mystified by the process of creating.  Paint and collage are present to me being gritty, stretched, earthy, spatial, both here and absent, lyrical and pungent.

            I am a process artist.  My art is bold and subtle, whimsical and serious.  I work with colors that are daring and inviting, often combining complementarities that pop off the surface.  I like the flexibility and powerful colors of acrylic paints.  The variety, depth of images, and three dimensionality of collage challenge and delight me.  I am delighted by relationships within my art that are opened up by the process.

            My work presents images and compositions  that are abstract.  My search for meaning leads me beyond the associations and assumptions our culture has hammered into me.   The meaning of a color has more to do with the colors presented with it and with its shape.  In one work yellow can be happy, in another  searing or threatening.  A shape gains meaning from the color(s) it contains.  A line produces meaning by the positive as well as negative shape it defines.  Walk through the door of an art work and find the truth that it uniquely contains.  Another work - another door - and another truth is revealed, if we are willing to look.








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