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Hey Rusty - This is really cool! Sarah found your card at DC Arts Center this week, and I looked you up. I like your stuff. Glad you're still nearby and engaged in artwork. Sounds like retirement agrees with you! Lots of love, Libby
-- Libby Mcknight, 4/2/11

WOW! Your work is fabulous... loved browsing the on-line galleries, and am excited to come see the real thing as soon as possible. Please let me know where you have showings. You are so inspiring. Love Ya!
-- Kay Richardson, 2/2/11

I am interested in your meditation classes but maybe April or June.
-- Alicja, 1/27/11

Dear Rusty, A blast from the past. Nice to know that you are still in the area. April (Needham)(ex-Grastorf)(now Blum).
-- April Blum, 3/11/10

Hi Rusty! It's your neighbor, Linda. Let me know when your next showing is!
-- Linda Post, 1/22/10

Great website, Rusty. The photography of your work is excellent, but it's even more intense in person.
-- Pam Moyer, 10/31/09

My husband, Jerry Goldfarb, told me about you - that you were at his office the other day. He gave me your card, and I looked at your art. I love it, and am seriously considering purchasing one or two - not sure yet which one(s). Hope to meet you someday. Adrienne
-- Adrienne Goldfarb, 9/30/09

you you you!!!
-- Beverly Donnenfeld, 9/1/09

Rusty, it was a real pleasure to check out your art. Keep doing what you are doing !!. Regards, John Kouros
-- John Kouros, 5/5/09

What a great website! You've got some great pieces on here! Can't wait to see more. =)
-- Mark R., 4/13/09

Hi old friend--how good to see your work on line!
-- Phyllis J. Evans, 3/18/09

Hi Rusty, I don't know which I love more - your art, your artist statement, or your bio!
-- Nancy Carter, 2/12/09

Hi Rusty, Your paintings are beautiful -- actually stunning! And they are so you.
-- Rochna, 2/10/09

Hi Rusty! It's a great website! LOVE the Popped Art!!!
-- Martha, 1/26/09

Nice site, Rusty! I like "popping" fine art!
-- Bud Hensgen, 1/22/09

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