My intent is to convey emotion through the stroke of the brush. My aim is to use my subject to draw the viewer in, then to move him/her deeper into the enjoyment of the work of art in and of itself--its texture, color, movement. Especially when working in watercolor, I practice letting the medium lead--its very nature teaches us to flow and bend and experience what it’s like to be in “The Zone”. Therein lies the magic of process; the finished painting is merely a result. By offering my work for show and sale at affordable prices, I hope to share my journey of discovery and move others to their own creation so that together we can help to build a better world.

This site is still under construction...take a look around, then visit again to watch it unfold...sign my guestbook if you'd like to know when I've posted new art...let me know what other subjects you'd like to see--I'm painting up a storm! Catch you later...



An inspiration far beyond this life.
-- X, 1/4/13

So here you are! I found you :) Here is where I come with my heavy heart to talk to you and feel your loving spirit surrounding me. you are here in every beautiful image that you created with your special gift.Stay with me always - your loving sis.
-- Peggy, 11/20/12

Hi Susan i love your colors and the winding shapes. Great construction on the website. gerrie
-- Gerrie, 4/10/11

The artist community of laments the passing of Susan R. Thompson. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Susan R. Thompson, RIP.