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Snodgrass Thompson, Artist

Artist directory :: Snodgrass Thompson, Artist

Original Works in Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage and Mixed Media.

Snodgrass Thompson, Artist


Susan R. Thompson 
ABOUT THE ARTIST Susan Snodgrass Thompson is a native of Southern California and lives near San Diego. As a child she loved to draw, challenging herself to depict seemingly mundane subjects, such as the household vacuum, often from the odd point of view. In high school she was lucky to have an excellent art teacher who introduced her to a variety of mediums and techniques from etching and pastels to clay and acrylics. Susan vied with other area high school students and went on to win the annual art scholarship from a local college. Since attaining her degree her life has taken many interesting detours. It is only now that she is finally coming full circle—back to Art. Besides taking classes, and joining painting groups and associations, she has attended...


Land & Seascapes Nature, the ultimate inspiration...also, see "Miniatures" gallery
Portraits--People & Animals The gesture, the expression...including commissioned work on request...
Western Come on out west...
Other Works of Art The muse is everywhere...
Miniatures My vision: original art in every home...affordable art for everyone...
Most Recent Works Lately I have been doing a lot of portrait work...commissioned and otherwise. For commissions I work from 8" x 10" photos to produce an 8" x 10" painting for you, matted with a certificate of authenticity for $150.
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