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Wonderful woman! Not only a terrific artist, but an even better woman with a heart of gold. Her laughter was infectious, her smile all encompassing. 1/5/15
-- Patty Quintana, 1/5/15

I love her work! All of it!
-- Barb Miller, 1/2/15

I think about you so much and my heart is full with the memories of the beauty and the music and the love that you gave to me and to everyone in your life.RIP - your Sis
-- Peggy Snodgrass Ko, 12/10/12

Such beautiful memories come to me when I visit your Art. You are still giving me inspiration and surrounding me with your gentle love. As always, all my love - your Sis
-- Peggy Snodgrass Ko, 11/23/12

I love you and miss you so much. I hope this site never goes away. I want to visit you here and remember... xoxoxo P
-- Peggy Snodgrass Ko, 11/18/12

love your art your HEART Susie..
-- Tamara Terry, 9/16/12

I'm delighted to finally see your work which reflects the nuances of your True Self -- the medium of watercolors definitely captures your essence in flow & flight. I love the Irish Coast Series and Death Valley buildings, and was touched by the portraits of Chuck, Samantha, grandkids & others. Your artistry lifts me up! Thank you for your gift! ~Gail
-- Gail Halinka, 7/31/12

Wonderful Beautiful Color and Light - you are amazing to me! xo P
-- Peggy Ko, 6/8/12

Wonderful and beautiful art Susan. I didn't know you were an artist, but I'm not surprised.
-- Peggy Kunsman, 12/31/11

Just now looking at your website. Beautiful! So inspiring. So glad to be let in on this part of your life Susan. And awesome that you "came Full circle" with your art, from early school days to now after accomplishing many other careers! These paintings look like you have been painting for a lifetime. You really have a mastery of color, composition, and fluidity. Patty Stottlemyer
-- Patty Stottlemyer, 12/31/11

You Rock!!!!
-- Dennis The College Student, 10/18/11

Susan, what lovely paintings! I enjoyed looking through them. I always wanted to learn watercolor, but I don't have the artistic knack for it that you do. Keep up the good work!
-- Sandy Stedinger, 7/31/11

Wow! I am stunned...just love your work and am hoping we'll be able to see more.
-- Roger Gagos, 6/5/11

Susan, I simply LOVE your work! Such use of light, and such vibrant colors. You have mastered your craft. I'd love to have some lessons from you. Let me know when! There is at least one I'm thinking of buying...if it's still available!
-- Carolyn Bercovitz, 5/3/11

WOW Susan......... I am stunned at the magnitude of what you have accomplished in so short a period of time. Who would have thought when we matted and framed your piece of artwork from high school and hung it on your living room wall that it would propel you on such an amazing journey into the arts. I pray the next 3 years hold the promise of renewed health and the peace & tranquility that you express in all your paintings. You are a beautiful person and truly an inspiration to me.
-- Rosemarie Woldin, 4/27/11

Looking forward to your newsletter. I hope to get out to see your art in person.
-- Patricia Olson, 3/11/11

Wow! I had no idea you were doing all this with everything else going on. I love your work.
-- Cynthia Tassell, 1/7/11

Susan, you're simply a grand Master-ess with your gifted painting brushes and easel, as your painted dynamic works here so boldly declare…..!!!!! I would-will call you a “Renaissance Woman,” of water color fame now and we-I welcome your created canvas painted treasures to this world and beyond.
-- Michael Schoonover,jr., 1/6/11

Absolutely wonderful site Susan! Love it!
-- Gaye, 7/21/10

You go, girlfriend! Your colorful paintings are just what this crazy world needs right now! I hope you make a zillion dollars! (I had to spell it out because I don't know how many zeros are in a zillion!)
-- Marlene Levitt, 7/19/10

The artist community of laments the passing of Susan R. Thompson. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Susan R. Thompson, RIP.