I have always used art as a form of escape.

Although I've been educated in the biological sciences, creating art has been a part of who I am since as early as I can remember.  Mixing colors or sketching drawings have always been very calming yet energizing experiences for me.

As a child I would spend hours sketching my favorite cartoon characters and soon this hobby developed into a passion for oil painting.  I started making oil paintings in high school as an after school activity.  Feeling the desire to learn more, I became a student of the extremely talented and kind artist Richard Morin at the Studio Couleur d'Art school in Montreal.  For 5 years I followed his instruction and was given the opportunity to participate in yearly art exhibitions. 

I feel my best when I am painting colorful landscapes and flower/fruit still-life that inspire me with their natural beauty and take me into another world.  Although I took an 8 year hiatus I have recently started oil painting again which has given me a whole new outlook on life and I plan to continue fulfilling this passion for as long as I can.


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