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So beautiful! My favourite is the rose, but they are all so amazing and life- like,Christine! Do you teach painting?If so, I'd love to learn from you.
-- Cristina , 6/8/14

Forever will appreciate & love "Indulgence", which we have, from to time, the occasion to admire... Love Zio Pietro & Blanche
-- Pietro & Blanche, 5/25/14

Your work is beautiful! It brings tranquility to my heart and mind!
-- Mark, 3/13/14

I remain in AWE. Your work is a definite PLUS and Marvelous again.! cousin Norma
-- Norma Castello, 1/11/12

Your work is amazing. Your representation is flawless. he colors are so vibrant and luminating!
-- Sherry Solow, 4/30/11

raza mirzavery nice artwork.
-- raza mirza, 1/31/11

Anthony Daniel LusignanThank you very much for your generous comment.
-- Anthony Daniel Lusignan, 12/8/10

Tks again Christine and Danny for inviting us at your place last nite; we had a wonderful evening and... we had the pleasure of discovering Christine's last four paintings, which are awesome. You're a talented lady! and we love you! Blanche & Zio Peter
-- Blanche & Zio Peter, 8/8/10

Julian Baslykfantastic work Christine, fabulous colours and quality, amazing!
-- Julian Baslyk, 2/12/10

Any new work in the near future?
-- James Lasenby, 2/7/10

James LasenbyYour patience has obviously been maintained throughout your years of work.Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!Happy New Year!!!!
-- James Lasenby, 12/27/09

James LasenbyThank you Christine for your kind comments about my work. In the new year sketches of homes I have been doing for for a freelance writer for our local newspaper are going to be published in a book he is writing so I am very excited about this happening. Hope to see more of your work in the future,Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year!
-- James Lasenby, 12/23/09

James LasenbyBeautiful work, your pieces show a great diversification throughout,and fantastic talent.You must be very gifted in your abilities in life! I'm glad to have found this site to show some of my own work on,take care and look forward to seeing more of your work.
-- James Lasenby, 12/14/09

Christine, all your paintings are beautiful. They simply take you away into another place. Continue your great work.
-- Rosanna Padula, 11/26/09

Wow, those paintings are AWESOME!
-- Cheten Patel, 11/26/09

You really are exceptionally talented, a TRUE artist; and it shows that your inspiration comes from the heart, keep on painting
-- Mary, 11/24/09

nice verry nice
-- Daniel Dias, 11/24/09

C, Beautiful work - I especially love Centauri Montes, and Mosaic. Great job on "Table for One" as well, it actually shows another side to your style. You truly have a gift . . .
-- Anthony Morsella, 11/23/09

Beautiful work! Keep it up :)
-- Julia Meffe, 11/22/09

Very nice paintings.. I'm impressed!
-- Marc-andré, 11/22/09