art and post-modern theology

Feb.8,2012 entry
 When I read about art and theology I usually find that art is seen as subservient to a religious tradition. Art  is expected to promote or reveal the glory of existing items of a faith...whether those items be traditional religions or new age. In my experience though, while I understand that great art has been made in the service of religions, I do not think that what makes it good art was related to the religion. That which makes it good art is beyond the narrow confines of religious belief and the many gods for whom art was nominally created. For me, art is the only way that our species has of grasping and materializing that which is not material,i.e. 'spiritual'.Art is a form of knowledge and comes before any religion. Almost, if not all, religions have at their core a seminal artwork that captures and transmits the religion's basic epiphany. Art makes the initiating experience into a material  form so that this world's adherents can experience it. Gods and their religions, adherents, articles of faith, etc. have come and gone but art has always been there.  


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