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Terry Tedesco Brilliant and beautiful work,Tom! Enjoyed my visit to your site this evening and I especially like your recent paintings..... Thanks so much.
-- Terry Tedesco , 8/17/19

Thanks for sending this update on your brilliant and now enormous body of work. I will keep the link in my bookmarks so I can readily spend an hour in contemplation.
-- Terry Tedesco, 7/2/19

Deep emotions and strength. So spiritual now Tom. Vivid expression as always. Nice work!
-- Terry Tedesco, 6/30/18

Really enjoyed visiting your art gallery You are very talented and I will visit again. Wayne
-- Wayne Dombeck, 3/16/18

Of the four I love the MMM one the best! Beautiful and so thought provoking!
-- Susan, 11/5/17

Your art and poetry are very though provoking Thomas. Thanks.
-- Ian Macrae, 6/25/17

...Shockingly impressed with what I have just viewed and read, (I didnt know, and refreshingly, I know so little). Please add to your blog when you can, (I was glued). Lots of questions. Thank you, Dave
-- David Ashton, 10/14/16

Summer ( new artwork) is my fave!
-- Susie, 7/9/15

I really enjoyed your use of colours and some of the paintings are quite interesting!
-- Norine, 7/30/13

I find your art intriguing, and your commentary brings questions to my mind.
-- Olivia King, 4/7/12

I want to know more about Tom raterman's philosophy and the meaning of his artworks. Thank you.
-- Euelley , 7/27/11

Hi Tom, I really appreciate your work
-- Jorge Seifert, 12/16/09

I'm glad to finally see your art, Tom. The most special part of my walk through this gallery was your commentary, your words, your contemplations - it's beautiful to encounter the depth/mystery/interior of people. Thank you.
-- Lorinda Crawford, 9/11/09

I happened on this site after learning of your retirement- what wonderful work I will visit again
-- Stacey Donaghy, 6/20/09

For some reason when I tried this before, it wouldn't record. I'm trying again. I really appreciate all of your work. Ginny
-- Virginia Seewer, 6/6/08

Really enjoyed this Tom. I've always appreciated the connection between words and images, and I love the way your descriptions bring the pictures to another level and vis versa. I got half way through and will visit again for the rest.
-- John Schmelefske, 2/11/08