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"monica (gazes)"

Art competitions :: Body and Mind :: "monica (gazes)"

Please join us in thanking all artists who entered their work in the Body and Mind competition.

"monica (gazes)"
"monica (gazes)"
P e t e r A l a n

2007, 40" x 30", mixed media on panel.
"monica (gazes)" spawns from my "my space" continual series. While the piece has been about 10 paintings over past 3 years, it came into final fruition from an rigorous additive and reductive process. Subsequently, the rugged surface gives the viewer a pleasing physical texture; the graphite-drawn portrait of LA model/actress, Monica Ford provides a relatedness to a human condition and/or inherent experience.
I see myself and many others carrying around a longing for something bigger. I see its about connecting and knowing. As there all glimpses of mirroring experiences, much of the experience settles into a beautiful sorrow and pensiveness to mark the time.
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