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wow imean wow wow man ..u are something else. u r blowing my mind..what i trying to is uhave just shifted me overdrive ..thank u thank u. i sure am i went to your site ...wayne i have a hard time typing and it realyfucksme . a i have a hard time typing what i am to say it me talk ing to people anywayi will deal with it. u r the strongist person i ever seen...ya ..sure wished i would met u win i wasa raceing .i from the 70s. from colorado denver ..i live in tulsa and lived her just hippiii c i cant even spell.ind its takeing an hour to typ this so far..after comeing to your site an SEEing wayne is so im wining about typing eyes r opeped uped.. thank u.. now im sure that ther is a god ...ya wayne to c what u have goon through and r doing. is joy joy haveing a hard time saying hard to put intowords... so with that i will gonow .. i will right back soon.. ok..cya chubby...
-- Chubby, 6/24/09

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