Instructor Resume

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 
Ohio UniversityAthensOH.

Portrait/Freelance/Fine Artist 
1990 - Present.

Art Instructor
  • Private Instructor, Atelier, “In Studio” and Student, “In-Home.” 2000-Present.  Ages 6 – adult.
  • Stillwater Elementary, Carnation, WA.  2002 - 2004. (25 - 30 students).
  • Snohomish County 4H Club. 2009 - 2010.  (20 - 30 students).
  • King County 4H Club. 2008 - 2010.  (20 - 30 students).
  • Carnation Middle School, Carnation, WA. 2002 – 2009, 6th to 8th grades.  (22 - 30 students).
  • Cherry Valley Elementary, Duvall, WA. 1991 – 2001. 1st - 5th grades.  (20 - 30 students).
  • Relationships Toward Self-Discovery, Marysville, WA. An Offender Rehabilitation Agency caring for Developmentaly Disabled Clients. 2009-2011. (6-10 students).
  • Instructor, Acrylic Painting (group lessons), Uptown Art: 2015.  (3 - 25 students).
  • Instructor of Art Basics, Principles of Art, Elements of Art, Classic Atelier Drawing (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced), Color Theory, Colored Pencil Theory and Techniques, Portraiture, ZaZenDoodles, Cartooning, Caricatures.
  • Design and teach programs to meet individual student needs.
  • Prepare lesson plans and organize learning environment.
  • Demonstrate techniques, evaluate student progress. 
  • Ability to support, encourage and teach students of all ages. 
  • Dedicated to personal integrity, honesty and conscientious work ethics.
  • Capable of maintaining a positive, diplomatic and respectful attitude at all times.
  • I believe there are no mistakes in creating art. When an artist thinks they’ve made a “mistake” it is just something that didn’t meet their vision of what they wanted their art to look like, which provides an opportunity to learn something new or different. 
  • I believe it is my responsibility to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for my students, while instructing them on the various aspects of drawing and art.




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