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Categories :: 3D arts :: Sculpture

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Cathy BradyOffering fine artwork and Reborn Dolls, with subjects in still life and portraiture, in a variety of mediums. for sale and or by commission for yourself or that special someone. Art & Reborn Doll Classes also available by appointment..
Harry SidebothamMy work is heavily influenced by the language of Op Art, geometry and systems. Likening myself to a machine, I attempt to manufacture paintings through a rigorous analog process in which simulated perfection is inherent, yet not desired.
Cheri O'BrienMs. O'Brien is an American professional artist working in oil, acrylic and gouache painting, papier mache sculpture and fused painted glass.
Uniquely Yours, Custom Designed by Anita LLCGlass in it’s fluid environment is amazing and fascinating. Each piece is hand cut by me and carefully placed with an eye for detail. My glassware is fired in a way to make it very durable, user friendly and functional. Every item a Unique Original.
Lloyd Kraal oil paintingI have faces some challenges as of late and the new work is a product of those challenges . I hope you like them
Camano Arts AssociationCamano Arts Association is a large group of fine artists that are living and creating in and around the area of Camano Island and Stanwood, Washington.
David Lee BlackPhotography
          Sheldon Grimshaw - Artist - Flowing ColorPaintings displayed are in oil and acrylic.Nature is the cornerstone of my creations.I paint with bold color and impasto brushwork that represents the beauty of my surroundings, my memories and my imagination.
Surreal Images by Bill Leonardi  / W. and H. Leonardi & Co. Inc.My Surreal Images utilize the New York City environs; and techniques including distortions of physical reality, multiple perspectives, changes in scale, and juxtaposition of placement. The results are dreamlike photos with vibrant imagery.
Helene's Cupcake and Dessert Art / W. and H. Leonardi & Co. Inc.Whimsical paintings of cupcakes, ice cream cones, lollypops,pretzels, and black and white cookies set in gardens, among New York City Landmarks, on flowered tablecloths, and in homage to famous painters.
Cold Steel ArtLandscape, garden, and yard art created for you in metal.
john smith's artLife to me is one big emotional experience. It’s what I feel, that I relate to the most. The joy I get from listening to a piece of music or the pain of loss are all emotions that I am constantly curiuos to visualize. What do these...
deep folk artdeep folk, l arte povero, comtemporary art, vernacular art, folk art, free association, child-like
A. Jeffrey Zigulis     Dream MasksJeffrey Zigulis makes masks in his studio on beautiful Camano Island, Washington. His masks are finished in several different styles, Dream Masks, Japanese Paper Masks, Totem Masks, and Money Masks. His site will let you meet him learn about his work.
Carey Glenn SmithCarey Glenn Smith - Official website featuring portfolio of original artwork, biographical information, and artist statement. Contact info included.
Elemental ArtworkOur sculptures begin with clay, glazes are applied, and fired in an electric kiln. The final detail work brings "life" to each piece by the use of feathers, leather, metal, nature findings, etc.
                                         Purple Raven ArtA small intimate gallery in a rural setting, that specialises in original affordable art, local quality crafts, unusual gift items, holistic & spiritual supplies.
River Gallery:  Paintings, Sculptures, Jewelry and GlassThis gem of a gallery is located minutes away from LaConner, Washington. Once a greenhouse, it is now converted into an intimate light filled gallery amidst a small orchard. The gallery hosts two shows each year, in the spring and in the fall.
Espenet FurnitureEspenet Furniture: Arthur Espenet Carpenter III {aka Tripp Carpenter} is continuing with his father's tradition of making beautiful one-of-a-kind handcrafted wood objects from California local woods.
LAPŠYS  STUDIORaimundas Lapsys was born in 1943 in Lithuania and later received formal arts education in Italy and Austria. After graduating from the Academy of Glass Arts in Tirol, Austria, Lapsys received additional visual arts training in studio photography. Having...
Goddesses at Play Small sculptures of the Goddess in movement, contemplation, happiness, exaltation, meditation, stretching, dancing, about ready to get up and go somewhere exciting. To be placed in peoples homes and sacred spaces.
Michael Staley DesignsI create bejeweled pieces of three dimensional art. I recycle everyday ordinary objects and adorn them with Swarovski crystals, assorted glass beads, plastic beads and buttons. I am also a mosaicist.
Lewis Folden - Assemblage Paintings SculptureI think of my artwork not just as a means of personal expression, but as a way to share with others, my delight & excitement in things I find around me. I revel in the discovery of apparently insignificant items, textures, colors, shapes, etc.
Ned Block - SculptorWorking in steel and resin, the body of work represented by my sculpture often depicts the graceful, but sometimes quirky, nature of nature.
Vicky DeLongSan Diego, CA
DONJON DE JOUY               Sculpture trail and park, Arboretum, Contemporary sculptures in natural environment, artists residencies.
CHARITABLE ART 50% goes to charity. "Buy a gift - give a gift". The gallery contains all handmade items, ceramic tiles, fused glass, jewelry, anodized aluminum, scarfs, horseshoe nail art and more.
Amanda KoppEducation School of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2011 Focus: Painting, Sculpture Honors/Awards -First Place Black and White Traditional Photo- BAFFA Art Gallery, Sayville, NY -Finalist - Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, NY - "Long Island...
Jason Henry HuntCustom made contemporary First nations artwork by Jason Henry Hunt.
p.guest.projectsExplorations of both internal and external worlds (if there is a distinction?) through ideas, art, music, mathematics, language, photography, philosophy and whatever other means come to hand!
LOFTY ART STUDIONew innovative after school Art studio announces open enrollment for children and adults. We offer classes in Drawing, Painting and Sculpting.Instructors are professional Artists with passion to share the joy of art making.
David KasmanSculptures and Paintings by David Kasman
Vanessa Keys  Artist by the Sea 10% to CorgiAid, IncHi I am Oregon Folk Artist Vanessa Keys. I invite you to come and take a look at the whimsical world through my eyes. I love to use bright colors and paint every thing from Corgis to Santa! I am a painter and sculptor with a broad use of mix media♥
Souad NasrSouad Nasr, Painter,City & Regional Planner, Practical civil engineering. Lives in Haifa city. Works with oil colors and acrylic Most of her art works are around the woman,with large series of "woman & Nature" Paintings.
Ramona Open Studios Tour Annual open studio tour in San Diego county. Twenty five artists will display their art work in 17 private studios throughout Ramona. Paintings in a variety of mediums, ceramics, glass, wood, jewelry, sculpture, metalwork and textiles will be featured.
Rick Moreno ArtistThis site will show Rick Moreno's artist portfolio.
Cheri O'BrienCheri O'Brien has painted on furniture since 1991. This website is featuring her hand painted one of a kind bar stools that are for sale. They make great focus spots in your home or great gifts for the person that has everything.
Tate Patrick BraeckelI intend to show my perspective of the world to others in a way that might perhaps change perceptions, influence minds, and compliment the human condition.
Georgina L.W. MaxwellContemporary eco-artist... Georgina Maxwell's art practice responds to the plight of cetaceans and other marine wildlife in their struggle for survival. It is also focused on methods of healing our emotional disconnectedness from the natural world.
Brumak Fire SteelIn my minds eye I see a finished piece and use my torch to release it from it's mass. No piece is a replica or duplicate, as I get new ideas I can't wait to create. Fire pit or sculpture, both?
Lecia Joy DesignsMy ceramic work is sculptural, rather than functional, and is recognizable by its abstract forms with clean lines and beautiful colors. I am happy to accept custom orders and commissions.
John Baburek - Traditional Painting and DrawingCommission work. Prints of original art available for purchase.
Orest Parobok-SculptureSculpture artwork in wood, stone, bronze and mix materials.
Women's Art CollaborativeEmbracing the visions of women artist, featuring dynamic artwork varying in subject matter, artist interviews, exhibit information and web links for emerging and professional women artist.
Mixed Media paintings, jewelry, gifts, prints and notecardsMetallic, textured collage and assemblage art, jewelry, mixed media paintings, drawings, limited edition prints, and note cards.
Paolo C.Mejia Artist and DesignerThis site is a compilation of Paolo C.Mejia's art. It will promote and share a vernacular of Visual Fine Art of his paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations.
Erin ElizabethErin Elizabeth is a conceptual artist based in Chicago, Illinois. She received her B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 and her M.F.A. from Illinois State University in the spring of 2014. Elizabeth has exhibited her work in...
Will Hanlon - 3D Push Pin ArtTwo elements – a visual, 2-dimensional design and a physical, 3-dimensional terrain. Employing push-pins for points of color, using foam material as a multi-surfaced canvas. Then, merging the two – never knowing what the marriage will bring!
 Flower SculpturesFLOWER SCULPTURES I began as a watercolor artist in 1980 and continued through the years experimenting with various art forms until my love of flowers and my concern for the environment gave existence to Flower Sculptures in 1991. Flower Sculptures are a...
                         gabriela aguilo & jeremy firehammer Your site's description is typically displayed just below your site's title in search results. Phrase your description to be human-readable and describe in brief what you, your art and your website are all about. Avoid attention grabbers like unorthodox sy
Harris A Byerley I have a passionate desire to share the gifts I've been blessed with, and thus, aid in the enjoyment of others to share, through visual means, their appreciation of the blessing of sight.
Nathan Huff Website for Artist Nathan Huff. Huff works in a variety of media including Oil Paint, Sculpture, and Mixed media. His installations, figures, and landscapes feature vibrant color and organic movement in their narrative of the human experience
Accents in GlassTo wear an "Accents in Glass" jewel is to wear a true one -of-a-kind jewelry piece. To own an "Accents in Glass" sculpture is to experience light going through this beautiful three dimensional glass art form.
JAN FITCH - Art in WoodBirds - Hand carved and cast paper sculpture. Teaching of carving and cast paper sculpture
Susan Anne Russell ArtistOriginally born in NYC my current studio is situated on a lake outside of Chicago. Having exhibited and sold work throughout the major metropolis my art reaches many levels, Author of Exposing Yourself To The Performing Arts. BVT Publishing
Corin Pinto, Fine Art, Toronto, CanadaCorin Pinto, Encaustic Artist, Toronto Canada Abstract Impressionist Landscape Paintings in Encaustic Figurative Sculpture
Melanie Lieb Visual artist and Jewelry design
House of Missy MouseOne-of-a-kind heirloom doll accessories, and glorious doll costuming.
greg kasselas graphic artsCreation of visual art in flat or relief, use of mixed and electronic media for all needs: professional, commercial or personal.
April 18 to May 8 2016 Langdonart expo Galerie 2456 MontrealApril 18 to May 8 2016 Langdonart paintings at Galerie2456, at 2456 rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, Quebec, Canada as have been creating for over 60 years 2 different landscapes in each Langdonart painting; come often to discover innovations !
Brian R Lindsay        (BRL)Who is Brian R Lindsay? Who is Brian R Lindsay? Who is Brian R Lindsay?
Out of the Box ClocksWayward Clock Faces - Delinquent Time Pieces
Industrial Punk & PipeA new zhibit site that I'm growing as my new pieces emerge. Mixing mid-century industrial age structure with early 1900's incandescence.
Melanie G MillsMy name is Mel….I’m a 48 yr old female that has been working with many mediums since I was young. My favorites are oil, acrylic, impasto, watercolor and graphic art. I am also a poet, mother, musician and nurse.
Jason R DavisHand carved, marble sculptures. Fine art.
Joshua Huettig Joshua Huettig Painting and Sculpture
The Way of the Mystic and the ArtistMaker of magic making the magic happen.
Tracy Davis Fine ArtOriginal Paintings in Acrylic, Watercolor & Mixed Media. Modern Wood Sculpture. Functional Art. Photography.
Mitch Caster Fine ArtistFigurative and Landscape Oil paintings by Colorado artist and teacher Mitch Caster.
Christopher Crooks DesignsWelcome to Christopher Crooks Designs wholesale website. The metal art featured here can be purchased retail from the list of outlets provided. Pricing and order forms can be down loaded after providing a valid resale number.
Unique Ceramic Ware by Marissa MottoI see my ceramics as both art and entertainment. I think of each piece, wither a teapot or a fountain as sculpture. I try to bring a fresh and playful perspective to my artwork with the form and the colorful glazes.
 Michael Roberts I took classes at SECA and the Saw Tooth Center in Winston Salem throughout middle school. Then studied Drawing, Sculpting, and design at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts my junior and senior year of high school located also in...
CLaire RenautMe? French-German, Seattle-based textile artist. A bit nomadic (something I trace back to the port wine stain on my father's back, which is said to be the mark of Mongolian ancestry) but grounded in my love of fiber, hand, texture, warp and weft.
Scott Grabowski Fine Art PaintingThis is Scott Grabowski's studio site which displays his original artwork, and paintings available for sale.
Paisley MazeA maze of different artwork - oil and acrylic paintings and glass sculptures and jewelry made from the remnants of my home destroyed in the Cedar Fire that swept through San Diego County in October 2003. Its amazing what the fire created, as you will see.
Kunstschmied Mark ProuseDüsseldorf Artist blacksmith/ Kunstschmied für Tore, Geländer, Fenstergitter etc. unendlich viele Designmöglichkeiten von Eisen, Kupfer & bronzen. http://www.markprouse.com/
                                          TRACE GUTHRIE SCULPTORCommissioned sculptures in bronze and custom made clay
Steve Hazard GalleryOne of a kind kiln fired fused glass and welded metal works
Clay Artists at the VineyardClay Artists at the Vineyard is a co-operative (coop) pottery studio dedicated to clay enthusiasts looking for an open studio environment where creativity and clay camaraderie exist. Located in a quaint building on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery in
Richard H Hays: SculpturesI work primarily in welded steel representing ideas, questions and clichés. I am always aware of the emotions and conundrums of daily life and work to ask universal questions, display emotion, and are either obvious or ambiguous.
Emma LarkinSelected works by artist Emma Larkin: sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and prints
Spirit Weight.comSpirit Weights are blown glass memorials that hold cremation ashes. They are a tribute, a treasure, a timeless reminder
Women's Caucus for Art - Washington DCWomen's Caucus for Art-Washington DC exhibit of work, 2010-2011. WCA DC is the Washington DC area chapter of National Women’s Caucus for Art. Member exhibits of WCA-DC represent artistic and cultural diversity
Preston's Arts at Studio-1 GalleryI am a freelance Fashion artist illustrator currently residing in Queens Village. I possess the creative talent to draw and paint/Sculpt Etc.. I respectfully request if my portfolio may be reviewed and considered for possible employment or collaboration.
Patricia ResseguiePatricia Resseguie is a fine art fiber artist creating 2-D and sculptural work. She currently works with sewing thread as a medium, using free motion embroidery to create the work.
Kristin KowalskiMy artwork and emotions are best expressed in clay. Clay is a fundamental material that allows me to articulate a relationship between surface and form. Theses qualities of clay allow me to use its malleability to create three-dimensional sculptures.
PACIFIC SOUTHWEST WILDLIFE ARTThe PSWA is involved in promoting wildlife art and both educating and enriching the community through our outreach programs, seminars, workshops, study groups and monthly meetings. The culmination of the PSWA's activities is in mid-February each year...
Angela AlcerroDigital illustration and paintings
Melissa Kauk
Gilles Daigle & CieGilles Daigle utilise la technique du vitrail traditionnel et la combine à sa technique du verre Un Nouvel Art de consommation (bouteille de vin, bière, etc.). Il réalise beauté, élégance et utilité, avec ses créations, toutes différentes et uniques.
Caesar D. Alzate Jr.  Caesar is a colorblind artist; but his disability has not stopped him from making art. Disneyland Resort Caricature/Portrait Artist.
Mark Prouse Elements KunstschmiedWelcome to Mark Prouse Elements Düsseldorf Artist blacksmith/ Kunstschmied für Tore, Geländer, Fenstergitter etc. unendlich viele Designmöglichkeiten von Eisen, Kupfer & bronzen.
Penny Lovelock Art & IllustrationPenny paints a whimsical picture,producing images inspired by landscapes,ocean and the environment. her works frequently features animals, Musical instruments and people.
Midori SaitoBorn Chiba, Japan, 1983 Resides Seattle, WA Education 2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals, University of Washington, Seattle, WA Award 2007 Marilyn Werby Rabinovitch Grant, Seattle, WA Group Exhibitions 2015 - Reaching Beyond, Whatcom...
 Art for Awareness & TransformationWhat's at the root of art making? Maybe it's the desire to connect with our deepest longing, our dreams and intuition, with the voice we've silenced. In art we can actually reveal what we can't show the world in any other way.
Amy Powell StudioAmy Powell is a self-taught sculptor who finds the process of making art as beautiful as it is cathartic. She focuses on capturing the mood or feel of the subject rather than aspiring for literal representation.
Wesley Hall SculpturesRustic Western sculptures of rusted barbed-wire and metal
Katie SowaWelcome!
Barry RussellThe beauty of wood, The elegance of form.
Gregory E. Davis Alabama Folk Artistpaintings,drawings,sculptures,folk art,found art,photography,other,
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