A Carlos Castaneda-like Dream Experience in Space

... I am listening to the great Alan Watts as he talks about these hard to explain galactic creatures that are either so huge that they cannot be understood or perceived by humans or super microscopic in size or, maybe both. I get the impression that they are super giants spanning multiple galaxies. They look like stringy thread-like tubular beings all attached to each other in outer space. They also look somewhat like squids but more stiff; almost like nerve cells connected together. Sometimes these creatures collide with other creatures that are sharper and more angular than themselves. This causes some kind of confrontation where there is a cutting apart of the other beings. 

The scene changes and I'm observing an ocean at night with a Saturn-like planet rising in the sky. Alan Watts continues to explain how there was never a time when the universe wasn't. He explains that its like inhaling and exhaling, coming into existence and going out of existence. It is like the tide going in and out. This is the way the universe lives and breathes. The Universe expresses itself in this way from macrocosm to microcosm. 

Then it turns out that I am in space without a spacesuit floating with another guy. I get the impression that he is a space explorer of some sort. We grab a hold of a small planetoid about the size of a car that is covered in craters and is shaped somewhat like a skull. I ask the man where this planetoid came from. He tells me it was discovered near Jupiter. The man takes an Xacto-knife and cuts a triangle into the surface of the planetoid. It is like cutting into bread. He tells me that there is no life forms to be found but I can still see there is a membrane that can be cut through. I tell him to cut deeper. He does so and then there is a sudden gust of gas and an electrical sensation that stuns my arm. Inside I can see these glowing blueish orbs connected together. Then, we can hear the sound of a woman talking about there being a breach in the system. Apparently the planetoid is actually a spaceship in disguise. A space woman dressed in a 1950's science fiction astronaut suit emerges from the planetoid . She and her planetoid spaceship float away together in a place that is both outer space and that area in Scappoose, Oregon near the Pizza Vendor...


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