St.Josephs Care Giver Show
Down Town Plein Air Show

Galleries I have shown:
River Gallery : Spring and Fall  (Thank you Sylvia)
Majestic Hotel and Spa Anacortes
St Josephs Hospital Care Giver Show. It was a lot of fun.

 Several years ago I was among several local artist that did Plein Air Paintings,
in Mount Vernon. It was a fund raiser to clean up the allies. This was going out side the box for me.  Buildings are not normal for me to paint. It was a great experience.

I also displayed my art during the Tulip Festival. Art Bash,
 local fall show LaConner for Arts Alive.

May of 2021.
 I will be showing at the Majestic Hotel.
  2020 was a year time stood still. 


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