Jours d'école ( School Days)

The crispness of Autumn weather is just around the corner, and a classic woolen skirt with pleats will be a darling necessity for your own darling Bleuette. Her dainty cotton-print blouse is sleeveless and closes with hidden snaps and embellished with tiny pearls to create a faux buttoned  look. To keep her warm on those chilly fall mornings is a beautiful hand-knit cardigan by Monica Cooper. The softest light blue wool was used to make this fabulous long sleeved sweater.  It is embellished with toggles, crafted from genuine leather.

 Her matching cap is lined with silk taffeta, embellished with a simple matching bow, and finished inside with the Bluebird Textiles label. Included are her school books, held fast with a leather strap and buckle!


 Please NOTE: doll, socks and shoes not included. Shoes are hand-crafted and available seperately.

  Exquisite materials, unique design interpretations  and  masterful execution combine to make a creation from Bluebird Textiles  a treasure to spoil the finest of dolls. 

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