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Artist directory :: BLUEBIRD TEXTILES

Reproduction antique doll clothes made for Bleuette or other similar 11" antique dolls. Using the original patterns from La Semaine De Suzette (a French magazine for children 1905-1958) I re-create costumes using the finest fabrics,lace,hand embellishment.



Bluebird Textiles 
Working with fabric and thread by quilting, sewing, weaving, and dyeing I find myself connected to a history of “women's work” with a needle and thread. Traditionally we made functional items for our family for survival of the elements. Yet by making them objects of beauty, they are handed down from generation to generation providing the survival of a family's history; one of love and labour, sacrifice and celebration. My skills at dressing Bleuette are a culmination of over forty years of textile endeavors. My story has come full circle from when my mother taught me, at the tender age of five, how to embroider. After years of sewing, quilting, weaving and dyeing, I find myself once again, simply sitting quietly with needle in hand, as I work to embellish...


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Philadelphia, PA
United States


NEW! G-L 1933 Gentillette 1933 offering for Bleuette from the G-L catalogue. My rendition is linen and silk with hand embroidery. Dress closes in back with hooks and eyes.
NEW...1907 Summer Dress  L.S.D.S. pattern 1907 Summer Dress. All cotton with embroidery floss trim. Back closes with one shell button and hooks and eyes. Swiss Paulina hat is unlined and trimmed with fabric bow, band and mulberry flowers. Shoes sold separately. Note: doll, socks and shoes not included.
NEW...Vietnamese Ensemble 1956 La Semaine de Suzette pattern for Vietnamese Ao Dai. Tunic is sewn from antique French silk brocade. Hooks and eyes close the back.
Earliest Bleuette (1905-1909) Fashions for Bleuette from her earliest La Semaine de Suzette patterns
Déguisement Folk costumes from around the world fancy dress-up for play, festivals and masquerade parties.
Mignonnette Clothing for a 5 1/2" Mignonnette
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