When Cherry Time Comes 1935

When Cherry Time Comes  1935
When Cherry Time Comes 1935

 "Quand Reviendra le Temps des Cerises"

 This darling dress, perfect for cherry season soon-to-come, is a rarity when executed in the manner of the original design. It is seldom attempted partly because of the hand embroidered cherries, but also the application of seam binding around the sleeves and front poses an extraordinary challenge. I think the effort is well worth it, and so will you as you marvel at this amazing and unique design.

  I used mostly linen, 100 % , for the skirt and bodice. The contrasting edges are silk taffeta gingham , unusual for a luxury fabric, yet ever-so charming!

    The carefully embroidered motif was done with silk floss, in the manner of the original La Semaine De Suzette pattern, cherries placed playfully along the  bottom hem.

   Of course your own darling Bleuette will need a bonnet to match. This one is Swiss paglina hat braid made on a mold of my own design. I trimmed it with a silk band, enameled cherries and velvet leaves. Ensemble sized to fit both reproduction and vintage Bleuettes.

Doll and sandals are not included .

  Exquisite materials, unique design interpretations  and  masterful execution combine to make a creation from Bluebird Textiles  a treasure to spoil the finest of dolls.

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