Your creations are FABULOUS and I love, love, love everything on your site. I am new to the world of Bleuette but already I am captivated by the history and charm of these petite little girls. Cosette, Suzette and I will not rest until they are wearing a design by *BLUEBIRD TEXTILES*
-- Andrea Hedgepeth, 10/31/08

your artworks - good idea, beauty and traditional the world; your site in Zhibit very cool, dear Kathy; congratulation for you. best and many inspirations.
-- Conrad Salagan, 6/23/08

So glad I found your web site
-- Gay Sharon Brothers, 5/20/08

hey, kathy . nice to touch base with you today! hooray for kate's 1st prize! thanks for info. and zhibit. yes, your site is beautiful. peace- bonnie
-- Bonnie Hauck, 5/18/08

Kathy, Your Bleuette ensembles are Stupendous in design and use of fabrics!! Seeing your new outfits is a highlight in my day....what more can I say, I'm hooked on Bluebird Textiles! Keep these wonderful creations coming! Sincerely, Lori Saggs
-- Lori Saggs, 4/27/08

Visiting your website regularly is a treat. I'm so glad you have this gallery. Every new creation is delightful and always a surprise! The excellent quality of your designs and craftsmanship really comes across in your wonderful photos! The photos make those dolls look as if they are ready to turn the other way to show off another side of their new outfits! And the group photos are fantastic! I can just imagine them running around and playing! I love the new look of the site too! Dora, 4/18/08
-- Dora Filanowska, 4/18/08

I love the clothes you sew. They are masterful. My seven year old daughter and I saw your site together and she thought they were adorble. Where do you get the dolls for your clothes though? Are they a certain type of doll?
-- Mollie Carlson, 3/5/08

Ditto all the things that Melissa said. I am a very picky collector but I know quality when I see one. I can't help but admire your work. You never cease to amaze me with your choice of fabrics and colors. I can never guess what you are going to do next and you never seem to run out of ideas. Keep up the good work. They are precious!
-- Renelyn , 3/4/08

Your work is some of the finest I've ever seen and may ever see. You are continually stretching yourself and growing more daring creatively with each new ensemble. Your creations are high-end collectible works of art and will be treasured and passed down long after we are both gone. Love, Melissa
-- Melissa Hoover, 2/13/08