Bleuette Fortune Teller

Bleuette Fortune Teller
Bleuette Fortune Teller

      "The Gypsy Girl "

 'Come, try your skill, kind gentlemen, 
A penny for three tries!' 
Some threw and lost, some threw and won 
A ten-a-penny prize. 

She was a tawny gypsy girl, 
A girl of twenty years, 
I liked her for the lumps of gold 
That jingled from her ears; 

I liked the flaring yellow scarf 
Bound loose about her throat, 
I liked her showy purple gown 
And flashy velvet coat. 

A man came up, too loose of tongue, 
And said no good to her; 
She did not blush as Saxons do, 
Or turn upon the cur; 

She fawned and whined, 'Sweet gentleman, 
A penny for three tries!' 
- But oh, the den of wild things in 
The darkness of her eyes! 

   Halloween is just around the corner, and your own darling Bleuette will charm young and old  with this opulent costume , resplendent with silk and shiny baubles.

    There are so many fine details to describe! Let's begin with the skirt of antique silk. This beautiful woven stripe in shades of muted grays and olive, closes at the back with hook and eye. Her peasant blouse of many tiny gathers is 100 % linen. You will love the twisted cotton cording that ties into a bow at the front. Her lace-up vest with many brass eyelets ties closed with soutache cord. The shawl wrapped around her waist secretly closes with a metal snap. It is  cotton/rayon and custom dyed. Her neckerchief and head scarf are both silk.  Her beautiful beads are also included!

  Of course she needs sandals to finish this costume. I cobbled this pair from leather in a Roman style which seems to fit this perfectly. They tie on with leather cording. This costume was sized to fit BOTH repro and vintage Bleuettes.

 Exquisite materials, unique design interpretations  and  masterful execution combine to make a creation from Bluebird Textiles  a treasure to spoil the finest of dolls. 

Note: doll not included

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