Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Xin Nian Kuai Le !   (Mandarin) Gong Hey Fat Choy ! (Cantonese)

    Both are happy congratulations for a prosperous New Year.  You will adore this  luxurious ensemble for your own darling Bleuette to welcome in the year of the goat!

     I have been fascinated by the extraordinary festival hats of old China, popular from the late 1800's into the first half of the 19th century. These wonderfully embellished hats were worn by babies and into adolescence for special occasions, especially New Years. Usually given by the maternal grandmother, they are good luck for success in life and protection against evil spirits. Many are shaped like tigers , but no matter what the animal is they are often still called a tiger hat.  

       I designed the pattern for this traditional type Chinese jacket and pants.  All silk,
I've embellished with fabric piecing, silk embroidery, and appliqué. Tiny antique rose montees set in silver act as buttons. 

     Her fabulous hat is silk lined with cotton, and embroidered padded, appliquéd, and largely sewn by hand. This is a beautiful  costume, so appropriate for Bleuette as a deguisement or one of her traditional ethnic costumes. This ensemble is sized for both vintage and reproduction Bleuettes.

Purchase with confidence. My creations will surpass your every expectation of fine materials, design and execution! The purchase of a Bluebird Textiles original will be the highlight of your own darling doll's trousseau! 

Note: doll, shoes and socks not included

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