1922 G-L "Pique-nique" brings to my mind a sunny, grassy spot to bring a basket of good things to eat. My rendition of this ready-made costume for Bleuette includes a dress, jacket and hat.

    * Gorgeous pink wool trimmed with silk binding and antique mother-of- pearl buttons
    * Crisp seersucker pleated dress in white and tan stripes
    * Early 1920's style garden hat in wool and Swiss braid 

The exquisite design, execution, and materials used to  create this treasure will delight you and your finest of Bleuettes!

Note: Doll, socks and shoes not included.

Note: doll, socks , shoes not included.


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this is a great outfit. i have make this and it is a fave of mine and bleuette tucker
-- Linda Jean Tucker, 8/18/13

Costumes for Bleuette by Bluebird Textiles