GL Papillon 1925

    As pictured on page 105 of the Couturier/Odin catalogue, "son trousseau d'origine Gautier-Languereau",  I have captured this charming 1920's style with antique and current textiles using couture sewing techniques.

    Gossamer light silk chiffon was used to create "Butterfly", this darling light and elegant dress. The contrasting bands and floating tie at the front are all antique kimono silk. You will love the dainty print as well as the antique glass button closure at the back.

    Her matching hat is a blue/green cotton velvet. Using millinery techniques of wire frame and buckram i created a cloche that will amaze you with its elegance and charm. It is lined in matching silk and embellished with silk flowers. The back brim turns up slightly for a darling jaunty appeal. I finish all of my hats with my Bluebird Textiles label. I sized this costume to fit both vintage and reproduction Bleuettes.

   Purchase with confidence. My creations will surpass your every expectation of fine materials, design and execution! The purchase of a Bluebird Textiles original will be the highlight of your own darling doll's trousseau! 

 Note: doll, socks, shoes are not included. 


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