Robe à Bretelle 1907  

  Color, glorious color. A neutral-toned natural linen/silk fabric is the perfect contrast for the blouse of beautifully printed reproduction cotton. The linen holds the crisp pleats neatly, and the simplicity of color is a wonderful backdrop for the fancy antique brass buttons. A bit of antique lace forms the tiny collar at her throat. 

  Her Swiss braid bonnet has stripes that co-ordinate with the colors of her blouse; the tie is silk and the bonnet is unlined, and finished with the Bluebird Textiles label.

A rare and extraordinary ensemble to spoil the finest of dolls! Sized to fit both the vintage and the reproduction Bleuette.

Note: doll, socks , shoes not included.


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this is a great outfit. i have make this and it is a fave of mine and bleuette tucker
-- Linda Jean Tucker, 8/18/13