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Landscapes and Figuratives Landscapes and Figuratives
As I travel around the country, I am often struck by the beauty of this place we call America.  The vastness of land, the immense cities, the small towns, national parks and landmarks are a never ending source of inspiration for the artist.

NEW Works NEW Works
In celebration of the opening of my new website, I am currently offering two recently completed paintings "Evening Majesty" and "In the Still of the Night".  These paintings can be viewed on the Landscapes and Figuratives tab.  As part of my celebration they are a special discounted offering at $150 each.

My most recently completed painting is displayed below.

Still Life and Floral Still Life and Floral
Objects we use in our daily lives make very interesting subjects to paint.  I am an avid gardener and the beauty of flowers offers a great opportunity to incorporate them into still life paintings.