20 x 30 Giclee (Print on Gallery Wrapped Canvas).  Available at Lockhart Press Gallery April 1 - April 30, 2023. After that please contact me direct.

Opalescent is a breathtaking giclee from an oil painting that captures the raw power and beauty of the sea. The focal point of the painting is a massive wave, depicted in stunning shades of blue and aqua. The wave is captured at the exact moment of impact, with water exploding into a frothy explosion of white foam. The interplay of light and color is truly mesmerizing, with opalescent tones shimmering and glistening in the sunlight. The surrounding sea is depicted in a range of blues and greens, from deep indigo to bright turquoise. The water is rendered with incredible realism, capturing the way light and shadow dance across the surface, creating a sense of motion and energy. The overall effect is one of awe and wonder, as if the viewer is standing on the shoreline, feeling the power of the sea firsthand. Opalescent is a  tribute to the majesty of the ocean, and a testament to the beauty that can be captured through art.

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