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On a recent visit to the Chicago Art Institute, I walked into a room containing only one art piece.  This was Jesus Rafael Soto's Penetrable de Chicago -  a cubic formation of thousands of shimmering nylon filaments hanging from the ceiling.  Soto was an abstract artist, a pioneer in the Op and kinetic art movements.  He created optical illusions and physical environments that asked viewers to perceive his work not only with their mind but with their entire body. Penetrable de Chicago was created in the 1960's; a luminous environmental sculpture that shifts and encloses you as you walk into and through curtains of dry, translucent rain. 

I took several photographs of school children and their encounter with this artwork and put them in my Gallery, Enigma.  In the context of my work, Enigma means a puzzling situation or a picture containing a hidden meaning.  I have included in this gallery other photographs which invite you to scope out a story, your story of what is happening. 

Please take a look and tell me what you think.  If you want to further explore my work, look at some of the other galleries on my website. 


PS  Many readers of this blog live in Southern California.  Soto has a similar work on view outdoors at the Los Angeles County Art Museum.

Child in Penetrable Space
Child in Penetrable Space


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