Watercolor Abstract Workshop
One-day Watercolor Abstract Workshop at the Pegasus Gallery in Bellingham Saturday, October 6th. In this workshop, Dee will show techniques and processes for creating dynamic watercolor abstracts using familiar elements of composition and design while taking the mystique out of painting non-objective abstracts.  Please contact Heidi Wood at the Pegasus for further information 

In this two-day workshop you will have an opportunity to draw/sketch/paint from live model[s]. The first afternoon we will focus on the face, the second afternoon will focus on the clothed figure.

Each morning will include some skill-building exercises, and drawing/painting in either watercolors, mixed media or acrylics, for both figures and faces. Whatever your medium, you may plan to use that ... plus some sketching with graphite and/or charcoal on newsprint.

This is not a portrait class, or a life drawing class with nude models, but a workshop in which you will learn facial and body proportions, and how to best express the figure in your work.

You may contact me or Dakota Art for further info on supplies and the workshop in general. I will be sending a more specific supply list once you have registered at Dakota Art.

Some of you may be pleased to know, NO STEPS! If you haven't been to Dakota Art for a workshop, it is a fabulous venue with lots of room, lots of easels, access to their retail store, etc. I couldn't be happier about this opportunity to teach there!


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