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Dee Doyle Art

Artist directory :: Dee Doyle Art

Seeking, risking, and making art, and sharing joys, challenges, successes and lessons learned. Dee paints with acrylics, watercolors wax and mixes media. She teaches and demos in weekly classes and periodic workshops in the Pacific Northwest

Dee Doyle Art


Dee Doyle Art 
Art has been a lifelong passion and love, however intentions to become an artist in earlier years got derailed by life events. I started in fashion and design, but ended up with a Political Science degree. After raising a family and working as a single parent for many years, I returned to my first love, art, and attended a local community college for art courses. I have also attended numerous workshops with nationally known artists, including Janet Rogers, Ted Nuttall, Nicholas Simmons, Robert Burridge, Carla O'Conner, and Myrna Wacknov. I have also taken workshops periodically from regionally and nationally known artists, Jennifer Bowman, Jacqui Beck, Chris Romine, and Dianna Shyne. Whenever I can, I attend demonstrations by other artists in various parts...


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586 Klamath Way
La Conner, WA 98257
United States


Acrylics Acrylics
Acrylic Florals I consider myself an "eclectic painter, and I go through fits and starts. A go-to favorite is painting florals. As well, when I am teaching ,most students love painting florals, so I do demos and new pieces just to stay ahead of them, sometimes by only a week.
Acrylic Landscapes with a Kick One of my favorite things to paint are abstract, expressive landscapes, rather than painting those that one can capture equally as well with a camera. I aim to show my feeling ans love for what I paint.
Acrylics ~ Polo Series ~ Governor's Cup ~ La Conner
Encaustics Age-old processs of painting with beeswax and fusing layers, whether it be collage elements, mixed media, or elements from nature.
Mixed Media collage, texture, ink, pastels and paints
Watercolor Batiks Layers of Wax and Watercolors
Watercolors Earlier watercolor paintings
Small Works ~ Dee's Demos In my acrylics and watercolor classes, I do almost-weekly demos, in which I will do a small study to illustrate a particular process or design element. Currently, I have so many of these little gems [usually 5" x 7," mounted in an 11" x 14" gallery mat and acetate envelope], I am selling them for $30 each or four for $100. If you have any interest or questions about these, please contact me,
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