Daily Painting/Drawing: Virgil and Don


Yesterday was the last day of our Monday drawing class.  We had no model scheduled, but managed to recruit two very interesting-looking amateur models on-site.  The first was an old man with a white beard.  He had a little trouble staying awake, but his white beard made up for it:  we don't get a chance to draw models of that "type" very often.  The second model was a lean black man with a cloudy left eye.  He had a strong energy that I found intimidating at first, which found its way into the frontal portrait below.  


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Daily Painting/Drawing: Lady With a Tail


Went to the Ashby Flea Market this afternoon and drew random strangers.  This woman caught my eye, by virtue of her striking hair and outfit.  
In charcoal and colored pencil on Kraft paper.


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Daily Painting/Drawing


Today will be our last day with our Friday drawing teacher, who is moving on to greener pastures.  She got us Donna as our model, shown here in a charcoal/colored pencil drawing that sold.


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Daily Painting/Drawing: Three Apples (Pastel)


When in doubt, there's always fruit!  Three apples, placed on some white paper, outdoors in the sunshine.  Pastel on paper treated with pumice gel and paint splats.


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Daily Drawing/Painting: Flower Study


Todays' pastel painting is a study of flowers outside.  My pastels don't include all the colors I needed to get this right (no true red, for example).  Still, my neighbor saw this in progress and said it was "beautiful" so maybe it's okay.


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Daily Painting/Drawing: Barbara, two ways


Barbara posed for today's drawing class.  She brought a picture hat and a lace parasol, each of which inspired a nice pose.  We were all very pleased with our drawings.


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