I'm a regular guy trying to get better at this "living" thing.  Some days I do better at that than others.  Basically, i muddle thru. ;]  Seeing that what i do AUTOMATICALLY as artistic is, oftentimes, absurd to me. 

I try to reframe that tho, by using my everyday art (computer art) as a sort of springboard into a better understanding and appreciation of who I am and what I do. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.

So... you could say that art is a form of therapy for me. :)

i've been drawing for 20+ yrs. and as you can see, there IS improvement. :)  my words are better too. my focus has never been on the physical details of things, but on allowing some aspect of "the thing" to direct me. :)


what about you?  why are you here?  what makes you tick?  does seeing somebody "get it" and then USE IT to make something prettier or better, float your boat?  does mine.  art's a way that i help that along.

we all want to do it better (anything life forwarding) so, all i can say is - "try again".  i do.



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Hello Harry. I am thankful you gave me an opportunity to get to know you better. Your artwork, your words, and your "rabbit hole" invitation for others to join in your quest for self discovery, self realization, and self responsibility is sincere. I love the fact that you don't try to coerce or manipulate in any way, but gently try to show others that they don't need to prove anything to anyone, and that being here on this earth is validating in and of itself. It took me awhile to "get" you but I think I am getting a glimpse of the true "Harry" who is nothing more than a tender and noble soul trying to understand the real meaning behind life. Yes, there is much more than going through the motions and we all have a common thread that joins us. We are connected by life, and by lifetimes much like connect the dots. We are all but students in this classroom called life and I am happy to know you as a fellow student.
-- Heather, 11/1/13

                                      Each piece of art is inspired by the incredible normalcy that runs rampant thru my life.