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Concerted effort * Turtle shells * Play * All My Horses * A Shrine * Speaking Terms * Plucked Weeds * Snow * Night * Halloween * Pictures * Electronics * Release * Mediums * Spring * In Spite Of Us * Awareness * Fields * Apostrophe * The Sweater * Yawn * Cats * His Face * The Room * Art * Bubble Bath * Something Else * Cadence * Those Leaves * Sun * Concerted effort If only he'd play the damn thing. He might be a Mozart.
*Intake* *The Story* *I Did* *The Key* *Sensation* *The Elements* *Reflections* *Rich Colors* *Heat* *Guarantee* *Ballerinas* *The Maid* *Like A Mist* * All That* *Words* *Details* *Free Will* *Shadow* *Pebbles* *Glory* *Choice* * Vision* * Beauty* * Resignation* * Gardening* *My Suit Of Armor * * Waiting* *Making Sense Out Of It All * *Surprise! * * Grace* *True Love * * Autumn* *Color By Numbers* * Contrast* * Fall* *The Power of Imagination* *Howling At The Moon*...
*A Certain Bearing* *The Mix* *Art* *So What?* *Tears* *Give A Damn* *If Ever* *A Comfortable Mix* *Trash* *The Day After* *Resolve* *The Gift #1* *The Gift #2* *One of the Many* *Baggage* *It's What I Do* *And* *Ho Hum* A Certain Bearing Definition starts at home. If not there, then where? Without it all hell would break loose, or at least seem to. What really happens tho, is like a cool breeze taking heat away from the city.
*Lesson # 1* * causalities* *motion* *loss* *they came with her* *expression* *texture* *yard dogs* *muscular development* *perfection* *dots* *pushing away the earth* *this new thing* *wake up* *heart* *men throw things* *conclusions* lesson #1 Let this be a lesson to you. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Pause... You could you know, (only if you wanted to of course), substitute the word "healing" for the word "lesson". But only if you wanted to of course.
*take them back* *twiddling my thumbs* *blow by blow* *roll back the stone* *up until now* *outlines* *exuberance* *body, mind, &soul* *a good hand* *game over* *FLAME ON!* *Still Standin'* *true love #2* *Baptism* *butterfly* *circling birds* *Giving Thanks* *Aright Already!* *No Shit* *God is IN the Details* take them back Wherever I go, I'm expected to be something other than what I am.

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                                      Each piece of art is inspired by the incredible normalcy that runs rampant thru my life.

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