*Lesson # 1*
* causalities*
*they came with her*
*yard dogs*
*muscular development*
*pushing away the earth*
*this new thing*
*wake up*
*men throw things*

lesson #1

Let this be a lesson to you. 
Let this be a lesson 
to all of you.


You could you know, 
(only if you wanted to of course),
substitute the word "healing"
for the word "lesson".
But only if you wanted to of course.
Anything else would be just some sort 
    of coercion. 
And you wouldn't want that, 
now would you?

there was a time 
when all that really mattered was what 
was learned, not 
the changes went thru while learning it.

With the advent of healing however,
all that's changed.

The Process of Learning 
is as important as 
the thing learned.


Why have babies become icons for  

Just look at one -
its soft, rosy skin,
its trust in you and
its absolute joy.

Now take a good, long look 
at the hands holding it.
Chances are 
that they're rougher, 
more defined, and maybe 
with a scar or two.

and chances are that they have 
much tenderness.


The boat rocks gently on the water.
The road heaves with a sigh.
Those leaves rustle in the breeze.
The bridge sways in the wind.
The ballerina pirouettes.
Those buildings are on alert.
The cowboy dusts himself off.
Those desks are busy.
The teacher quickly looks over her 

Each movement is like me 
talking to myself.


everybody's lost something.
Loss is a rotten part of life, but 
there it is, 
there's no gettin' 'round it.
Nothing said can take away the pain.

What you're left with however,
is a new way of lookin' at things.

Now I know that that is not 
considered by many 
to be advantageous.

But it sure as hell beats being a Victim.

   they came with her 

It's not just that which we have 
which we can loose,
but that which we don't have too, 

the authority 
she came with,
the quickness of wit 
she brought,
the grace of attention 
she came with and
the elegance 
she brought,
the intelligence
she came with,
and the good humor
she brought.

I lost all of that,
because it came with her.

I thought I knew it all,
all that there was to know about loss, 
but I guess I didn't know it intimately 
'till I met her.

As corny as that sounds,
it's true.


The world is chock-full of manners of 
Too bad that those manners
seldom have any.

Imagine if you will, 
a blue sky all the time.
Even that 
could get a little boring.

You'd display your boredom in one of the 
manners of expression 
now available to you.


Whenever I take a breath she's there.
No matter where I go or what I do,
she's there too.

It's getting to be a little redundant
this "No matter where I go" shit.
I wish that for once,
you'd just see it from where I sit.
You've got all this power and glory 
and majesty and stuff,
and I've got nothin'.

Sure! Sure! 
I've got it all -
I don't want it all!
I just want her!
You made me love her, 
now make her love me.

yard dogs

Having an idea about how 
the end result will be,
often blinds me 
to the most basic and formative curves 
in the path ahead.  
Forces me to develop new ways of doing 
old things.

All along this new way, it's littered 
with loads of personality, 
loads of dreams, loads of trash, 
that once held the wide-eyed looks
of the other yard dogs.

Fascination, salivation, satiation.
We yard dogs have a yummy diet,
provided we don't mind 
a few pink dogbones thrown in.

It takes food to make energy,
food to make thought, 
food to make feelings.

Most yard dogs know when to value food 
and when 
to take shelter.

muscular development

Muscular development demands obstacles 
to work against,
without which nothing much happens.

There are those on this planet however,
for whom muscular development
is too cumbersome a concept 
bend and stretch.

they dance and reorganize muscles 
already developed.
They hear only one kind of music.

Thankfully for us however,
that every one of their celebrations 
demanded some obstacle for them
to overcome.


I'm sorry but,
everybody's got their own idea of 
and I am certainly not one to go and fuck 
with it.

If you want to save the environment - fine.
start that  
by saving your wife and kids 
from the junk that you feel about them.

If you want to save humanity - fine.
start that 
by learning about the jerk next door
who leaves his trash cans out.

What's the big deal?
Want a perfect world?

start that.


Some of us are blessed with 
the ability "to follow the dots",
knowing full well,
that the scribbles we make today, 
will be organized into lovely pictures 
by mom.

Some of us weren't so lucky.
Some of us didn't have moms.

Having one 
didn't ensure making pretty pictures.
but at least there was something for us 
to struggle against.
Having something to struggle against only   
muscular development, 
not exactly which 
group of muscles got developed.

Know this:
Making lovely pictures is 
an entirely personal event, 
but having a choice is fundamental 
to the process.

pushing away the earth

When I was a child,
I knew one thing -
Things Fall Down.
Including me.

If things didn't fall down, 
I'd be in Outer Space
and where'd be the value be in that?
I mean really?!

As I get older tho,
more things get added, but 
how could I forget that first thing?
How could I!?
All around me were people who had gotten over this 
"always falling down" thing?

It pissed me off.
If they could - I could. 

that stage of development 
is affectionately called Toddlerhood.
(we romanticize about it -
we  speculate about it)

As I get older,
I've become a major problem, 
with problem behavior.
My behavior didn't change however,
I did.
I got language.

I can verbally complain, 
whereas before 
all I could do was cry.

this new thing

There's a great deal of wasted 
and misspent energy
on every new effort.

We humans have this nasty habit 
of comparing this new thing 
with the old.

Way in the back,
back in the dark cave of comparison.
there lives a squadron of blood sucking 
ready to swarm on any new, 
fat thing.

Nasty habits make for fat humans
fat bats.

wake up

Now I suppose you'll want to know 
"what from?".
I also suppose 
you'll want to know what my answer is.

Each line of each poem should be 
upon context for meaning. 

Meaning itself is tricky.

Titling is nothing more than a clue! 
Clueing is nothing more than calling a 
    thing a name.  
Titles and names are Interpretations 
and both may or may not
lead to understanding or blank stares.
Either way 
the god of communication is ablated.
On your way back down from the 
on your way back down,
you might want to rid your hands of 
flowery meanings
so that you can now stoop 
to tie your shoe.

Waking-up needs sleeping to happen. 

Both are words and both 
are interpretations.


We've all got one. 
It's what we do with it
that counts.

We all know what an onion looks 
It's layered.
Exposing its heart makes us tear-up.
Tearing-up sometimes clears our eyes of our secrets, 
secrets that once camouflaged 
how we saw ourselves.

Camouflage hides things, 
but some things should not be hidden.

men throw things

I get so annoyed sometimes
when somebody subjects me 
and my behavior
to their often limited interpretations.

Now, don't get me wrong.
I know I'm not perfect, 
but hey!,  
I'm in the game too.

It's first and seven.
(a "passing" game) 
There's a group of people,
comin' at me
with ugly looks on their faces.

In the huddle - I'd called a play and 
with a series of bone-jarring hits,
and fakes
they managed to clear the way
for a pass.

They'd made it possible for me
to throw the damn thing.
So I did.


The breath of fresh air that is
that new being,
catches us breathing the stale air
of what we expected.

Everything they do is unexpected.  


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