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harry's art

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harry v johnson 
I'm a regular guy trying to get better at this "living" thing. Some days I do better at that than others. Basically, i muddle thru. ;] Seeing that what i do AUTOMATICALLY as artistic is, oftentimes, absurd to me. I try to reframe that tho, by using my everyday art (computer art) as a sort of springboard into a better understanding and appreciation of who I am and what I do. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. So... you could say that art is a form of therapy for me. :) i've been drawing for 20+ yrs. and as you can see, there IS improvement. :) my words are better too. my focus has never been on the physical details of things, but on allowing some aspect of "the thing" to direct me. :) ENOUGH ABOUT ME! what about you? why are you here? what makes...


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Columbia, MD
United States


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expressions of value :)
(I use a computer drawing program called "Expression", so I'm thoroughly attached to this topic :) Let me be perfectly clear - I do NOT want anybody to change anything about what they're doing. Look... we're all in this mess together.

everybody has it. we can not NOT do it. we express. that's what we do. i want to make that process more "second nature" for folks. any ideas?

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