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Contemporary Art in Bold Color
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Painting Demonstration Video on Youtube
New Approach


Western landscapes are at the core of my work, but more modern pieces in vivid color are also part of production. Figure studies and portraits in bold color are my efforts in a more contemporary style.

The newest addition is the "Etsy Offerings" page with 50 new pieces that will be offered on the Etsy web site at the end of January 2022. Please visit and view the images of these new paintings and support them through purchase on that site.

Please sign my Guestbook and let me know any comments about what I am doing.

Also visit my solo show on the Art Show International Site:

Newest venue for sales is here:

go to youtube to see a short video:


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I love having this art in my home. From the redwoods to the southwest scenes, the works are so vibrant!
-- Bonnie Idso, 1/22/22

I like it better each time I see it
-- Jo Matranga, 8/30/19

I love it. Beautiful. My colors
-- Jo Matranga, 9/3/18