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New Approach




Trinidad through my window
Life is very different at 65 than it was at 55, and 2022 is very different than 2012. My time is winding down and I look around and just shake my head...who are these people, my fellow Americans? Don't they realize we're all in this together?

There seems to be a complete disconnect from reality for those living off the fat of the land...real people can't do that, why do we let them? There seems to be some voter backlash against some of the worst of what is out there but it isn't going away.

I am getting a new insight away from California and the Coast...Colorado is smaller than I thought it was. That is there are less people here and concentration is centered in Denver. There are some options just not available in outlying locations.

Maybe my whole Time-Space Continuum has shifted as the cost of Transportation has risen and my body has aged. There are fundamental changes taking place and I'm not sure we're even aware what they are...

Think it may be appropriate to delve into Surrealism again...


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Etsy Sales


Amanda just informed me she sold two paintings recently. Be sure and visit her page and support her sales of some of my paintings!


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Another Adventure


Well, my visit to Phoenix ended as all my other stays in that metropolis in the desert...couldn't wait to be somewhere else. I felt like I was somehow stranded in a right-wing lunatic asylum. There were some positive activities but I was once again thrilled to see Arizona in my rear view mirror. Don't think I am ever going back.

I ended up in Trinidad, Colorado almost by accident and had no idea such a location still existed. The historic architecture is fabulous. Ferndale, California in Humboldt County has similar architecture from the same era but not at this scale. Several communities in Nevada have similar features but not at this scale. More to come...


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New Web Presence


Eric Matranga on Fine Art America
I am trying to increase my web traffic to elevate the traffic coming to view my paintings. The intent is to increase sales and get this work out of my storage and onto YOUR walls. Please forward this link to anyone you think may be interested and I hope you enjoy your visit!


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Upgraded Account to Seller


I've had work accepted into over thirty exhibitions since last summer, but never got my web presence set up to actually make sales. I finally got my account here upgraded and have the new work priced and ready to sell. Now it's time to get marketing and build the exhibition presence into sales. I now have the capability to sell from what I've prepared and it is time!


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It seems like I am getting something accepted in every show to which I am applying. That is a good thing but it would be nice to start selling some work again. I do have some ides to help Amanda promote what she has on Etsy, but I need to turn the presence in shows into sales. Part of it is market, I think. I am targeting southern California again.

The quality of what I am producing continues to improve and I'm back to looking to simplify my compositions. Keep it powerful and dynamic but strip it down to the essential. Seems like that was the aim for much of post-Impressionism so many years ago now.

So much of what was left undone from the First World War seems to be playing out...again. I just keep painting.


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New Shows and Exhibitions


Art Show International Solo Show
 Amanda Atchley will soon be launching her Etsy page to sell the work I have donated to her to help defer the cost of raising my grandson. I have just accepted a new position with Act One, a non-profit located in Phoenix, Arizona to bring VR art experience to school and civic organizations. Art is my life and it is all good! My work "October Sky" has been selected to show in several exhibitions and will hang through the month of February 2022 at the Herberger Theaters spot gallery in downtown Phoenix. Life is art and mine is all good!


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My physical condition has improved mostly from working outdoors in my garden and taking in Vitamin D from the blessed sunshine. All those atrophied muscles in my neck, back, and spine have experienced some regeneration and I feel much better. Although nerve damage doesn't improve or get better, it has been quite some time since I've had the debilitating attacks of muscle spasms that nearly took me out five years ago.

A lot has changed since 2018. I've watched much of the landscape in northern California burn down around me and many friends have lost most of their possessions, but fortunately not their lives. I have engaged in many activities that have not yielded intended outcomes. I've seen unbelievable stupidity in the breakdown of our society and many of the fears I saw coming are here.

From an early age I saw little difference between the political parties and always felt the differences were mere window dressing. As such, I am not apolitical but anti-political. I still feel the only real difference is the flip-side of the same coin. I have spent most of the last forty years or so trying to minimize my carbon footprint and live my beliefs rather than convince others to alter their lives. I am appalled at what we are leaving our progeny and see no real effort to change the course of where we are heading.

So, I spend my time with Art and am moving back into working with the kids and teaching Art. I don't expect to change anything but absolutely refuse to participate in the madness we collectively engage in. Arguing with idiots is a waste of time.


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My Thoughts About Art


I've been asked my opinions about art and artists many times down through the years. I usually have a strong position and frequently offended people with what I had to say.

There is enough offending of others in this society right now. I've never seen so many ignorant people getting their feelings hurt about things they actually know little or nothing about. A celebration of stupid where the emperor has no clothes. Rather than become part of that nonsense, I intend to present what I do as an artist and what I think about that.

I am a visual artist; I draw and paint. I have been a sculptor and printer, but degenerative spine and joint problems have ended those days. I still think of the canvas or paper as the basis for two-dimensional sculpture. I try to create the illusion of depth. I want the viewer to feel like they can reach into my paintings and see and touch the back side of what is flat.

I produced some abstract work in art school and down through the years but it's not my thing. If you have to explain to the viewer what they are looking at, there is a disconnect in communication in my opinion.

Installation Art and political statements in art are all the rage but that's not my thing either. I've been on some rough roads and my experience and knowledge guide me, not any pseudo-philosophical horse shit. I offend both sides of the political fence. I paint what I see and feel in my mind's eye.

I paint and draw the western landscape because it is where I feel at home. I seek out the places where man's footprint is light. I have been fortunate to live and work in some very special places in this magnificent land.

More to come...


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