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New Approach

Etsy Offerings

I have donated 50 pieces to the mother of my young grandson to establish an online business venture and use the proceeds to help support him. Once her Etsy page is up I will put a link here. These are all 16"x20" works and are offered at the introductory price of $450 each. That price is $1.50 per square inch for the paintings with free shipping and insuring to US locations. Click on the painting image for larger view and the location and inspiration description.

The link to Amanda's Etsy site is now active:
copy and paste the ink into your browser for access.

Arizona Afternoon Arizona Afternoon
The Ironwood Forest National Monument is a component of the Bureau of Land...

Spring Shadows Spring Shadows
The Antelope Valley in northern Los Angeles and southern Kern counties of southern...

Almost Twilight Almost Twilight
 I spent several years in northern California and spent much of that time...

Gone Now Gone Now
Nearly thirty five years ago I spent an afternoon in Wickenburg, Arizona long before...

Esmeralda Sentinals Esmeralda Sentinals
Esmeralda County, Nevada experienced a fabulous boom period in the early 1900s when...

Daisies: The Cycle of Life Daisies: The Cycle of Life
In northern California’s Humboldt County, the Lost Range parallels the coast and...

Diptych: October Sky Diptych: October Sky
This composition is another scene that I have reinterpreted several times and always...

Diptych: October Sky Diptych: October Sky
This painting and the previous are sold as one. Each is $450 so the total for both is $900...

The Magic of Spring The Magic of Spring
This scene is a newer revision of Spring Shadows. As Monet would frequently work in...

Southern Cascade Afternoon Southern Cascade Afternoon
Mount Lassen is located in northern California to the north of Reno and the Sierra...

The Tehachapi’s and Spring Poppies The Tehachapi’s and Spring Poppies
Nestled in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County is the unique portion of the Antelope...

Near Silverbell Near Silverbell
Northwest of Tucson, Arizona is what little remains of the old mining camp of Silverbell....

Monsoon Storm Rising Monsoon Storm Rising
The Colorado plateau is found in northern Arizona and includes the Vermilion Cliffs on...

Autumn Sky Autumn Sky
This version of this scene was my first effort at using these colors and this imagery to...

The Fabulous Florence The Fabulous Florence
Goldfield, Nevada was the setting in the early 1900s for one of the richest gold strikes...

Coast Redwood Grove Coast Redwood Grove
South of the Oregon border in northern California are numerous stands of the magnificent...

Yosemite Valley Yosemite Valley
Half Dome, El Capitan, and numerous waterfalls are striking features of the glaciated...

Lifting Fog, southern Nevada Lifting Fog, southern Nevada
The Nevada Test Site in southern Nevada was the location of many nuclear detonations and...

Winter Coming Winter Coming
The Huachuca Mountains and other ranges of southeastern Arizona are known as “Sky...

Sea Birds  Sea Birds
The rocky coast north of San Francisco is quite distinct from the landscape to the south...


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