My physical condition has improved mostly from working outdoors in my garden and taking in Vitamin D from the blessed sunshine. All those atrophied muscles in my neck, back, and spine have experienced some regeneration and I feel much better. Although nerve damage doesn't improve or get better, it has been quite some time since I've had the debilitating attacks of muscle spasms that nearly took me out five years ago.

A lot has changed since 2018. I've watched much of the landscape in northern California burn down around me and many friends have lost most of their possessions, but fortunately not their lives. I have engaged in many activities that have not yielded intended outcomes. I've seen unbelievable stupidity in the breakdown of our society and many of the fears I saw coming are here.

From an early age I saw little difference between the political parties and always felt the differences were mere window dressing. As such, I am not apolitical but anti-political. I still feel the only real difference is the flip-side of the same coin. I have spent most of the last forty years or so trying to minimize my carbon footprint and live my beliefs rather than convince others to alter their lives. I am appalled at what we are leaving our progeny and see no real effort to change the course of where we are heading.

So, I spend my time with Art and am moving back into working with the kids and teaching Art. I don't expect to change anything but absolutely refuse to participate in the madness we collectively engage in. Arguing with idiots is a waste of time.


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