Waiting For You

So many songs on the tip of the tongue
Waiting for you to listen to them

So many dreams that live in my eyes
Waiting for you to look at them

So many beats escaped my heart
Waiting for you to get them in

So many thoughts in my mind
Waiting for you to set them right

So many flowers down the lane
Waiting for you, I picked them up

So many steps that I have led
Waiting for you to join them through

So many times I gathered each
Waiting for you to enjoy them all

So many things I gathered for you
Waiting for you from rise to fall…

There is still time…

There is still time 
…to do the unfinished
There is still time 
…to rise again
There is still time 
…to reach the perfect
There is still time 
…to release the pain
There is still time 
…to give a chance
There is still time 
…to find a way
There is still time 
…to get a glance
There is still time 
…to wait and pray

The way to life

The first ray of the morning sun
Puts away all the darkness of the night
But it’s your endless smile 
That brings the life into it

The first feel of shade of the tree
Protects from the lashes of the sun
But it’s your soothing words 
That brings the life into it

The first drop of rain falling on earth
Puts away the anger of the heat 
But it’s the twinkle in your eyes
That brings the life into it
The first cool sway of wandering breeze 
Brings in the news of the refreshing 
But it’s the gentle caress of your fingers
That brings the life into it
The first drop of nectar in the bee’s hive
Spreads the fragrance of sweetness around
But it’s your laughter than melody
That brings the life into it
The first bud to come alive thru the greens
Brings in the call of the spring
But it’s your warm little hug
That brings the life into it
The first spray of colors over the empty path
Brings in beauty to life again
But it’s your purity of thoughts
That brings the life into it
The first cry of a baby out of the mother’s womb
Creates the joy of being around
But it’s your presence in me 
That brings the life into it
All from the very first to eternity
As nature has done its wonders
But its your way of life 
That brings the life into it

The tree in my garden

In my garden there stood a tree
Drained and withered with the fall
Waiting each time for the spring
To fill it with hope and joy

This time again the leaves have fell
Waiting for the greens to bring into them
A color so bright and touch so soft
And recreate a bond from within

Every day it passed in hope
And waited for the time to come
With its arms up, wide and open
Praying each morning and evening that came

One early morning as the sun rose
I heard not the birds but a lot of crows
Missing a little beat in my heart
I rushed my feet, in fear unknown

As I saw into the garden I stopped
My eyes stood still and my limbs froze
For there was the tree that once stood 
Never to see the spring again

The Strength Within! 
The builder has all the strength
To save and to be alive
The power is entirely within
To grow along with the strive
The way is still long ahead
To reach for the perfect
The creation begins at just a point
To move at large through every aspect
The present has a lot to gain
To let the unknown form to be
The state, the stride and the part
To create the self through the mystery!

I Searched...

I searched fr peace I found silence!
I searched fr truth I found conscience

I searched fr right I found duty
I searched fr love I found purity

I searched fr light I found the mind
I searched fr beauty I found divine

I searched fr hope I found fate
I searched fr time I found date

I searched fr faith I found it new
I searched fr God I found you!

The Straits of Hope

I am not a hypocrite trying to be nice
Nor am I still a disqualified accomplice

The weather is changing too fast to cope
And repercussions barge in to strand the hope

My strength has been shut behind the screen
The battered mind stays where it has been

Yet again the path is set unknown
To regain the straits through which i have grown

Of faith and belief that were together
That which shall bind, secure and tether

I shall rise again!

From the flicks of highs and lows
I shall rise again!
To ponder over the depth of the say 
I shall rise again!

From the dices of the self
I shall rise again!
To gather the might along the way
I shall rise again!

From the desires and the wants
I shall rise again!
To gain the stillness at the core
I shall rise again!

From the empty wavering mind
I shall rise again!
To repose the divine yore
I shall rise again!

Wish to be...

Silent as the sun
That just rises and sets
Silent as the mountain 
that neither sways nor frets

Silent as the tree 
That stands to its roots
Silent as the bird
While the hunter shoots

Silent as the mind
That stakes through the cycle
silent as the prayer 
That rakes to the pinnacle

Don't forget to smile :)

The wind blows hard and pushes you away
But don't forget to smile!

The roads are high and may not be the way
But don't forget to smile!

The waters are rough and takes you bait
But don't forget to smile!

The time is fast and would not wait
But don't forget to smile!

Through the highs and the lows
Through a thousand mile

Through the calm and the blows
Just don't forget to smile!

In Search of Silence

n search of complete silence
I wandered every corner
Searched in the books
Of great men of honor

In places of worship
And all modes of peace
But the waves high and low
Had refused to cease

A voice from the depth
Then surfaced and spoke
Like a sheath forced upon
But its then I woke

And thus made me realize
That it was all within
At several strokes of life
They had all gathered in

The more I shared it around
The more they made me strong
With a gush of wisdom
That had tread along

Gracious moments such as these
Were showered from above
What can it be defined as
Than the silent ways of HIS love?

I Can!

When the mind deters
And hope seems to sway
Just close your eyes and say "I can!"

When the path is rough
And nothing eases the way
Just close your eyes and say "I can!"

When the loss seems great
And the mind is still at bay
Just close your eyes and say "I can!"

When the heart rakes the empty space
And tears don't wear away
Just close your eyes and say "I can!"

To create the strength unknown
And share the divine grace
To move ahead on our own
Raving the miracles through the pace


Why does the world reign the false?
Why is the mind so meek?
Where is the path I yearn to pace
To reach the destination I seek?

With love in my heart and prayers soaked within 
I tread along on the strings of hope 
I ducked and diced the tees whirled upon 
Moving ahead with the dare to cope 

Though the greatness and the fall
Take their regular turns to hold 
All the way through the time 
As they seem to be foretold 

Let Him be my identity 
Let the world go by 
Nothing to change the course 
Nor the silence nor the pry

Celebrating you

Celebrating the gift of togetherness
With a special touch from HIM above
To let each day celebrate you
 With complete happiness and lots of love

As you moved along the way
Nature has gathered you around
With all its joy and all its care
And enhanced you with the bond

The flowers have all let out
Their bloom and their fragrance
To let them all capture you thru
Into the mystery of their radiance

To take a view of this enchantment
The sky opened its arms wide
And let the sun escape from its heart
To shower your world with hope and pride

The rays gathered and circled above
To shine the path on your way
And waited with each moment of time
To grant you all the wishes thru the day

A gift for you

What do I gift you is a query so amazing!
You wade through them all with grace

How do I get the sun to shine for you?
Your smile brings the warmth into it

How do I set in the greens to sway?
You breathe through their freshness

How do I brush in, the depth of the colors?
You create a new meaning into each of them

How do I bind you within the flowers?
Your loving touch gives them the joy to bloom

How do I take you through, the flight of the bird?
You live your ways to their freedom

How do I take you along the waves of the stream?
Your laughter brings them the joy to flow 

How do I shower you with the prayers?
Your faith in HIM gives them the strength

How do I gift you anything at all?
YOU are all that I have…


Every word to pass is a prayer
Every silence a mystery
Every tear a wish or a hope
Every smile a victory!
Every passing day of time
Every step is a goal
Every single breath to hold you in
Every moment is LIFE as a whole
Every path is a way beyond
Every defeat in the corner
Every heart you hold is a gift
Every friend is an honor

The Silence

And thus, Death had lost its silence!
While Life takes in all of it to be
To bring into, its ways and attire,
And all that can be united in harmony!

The journey past the different days
Along the modes and the tides,
Refreshing the ways to stride upon
Leaving behind the wake of destiny

Beyond the limits of the rise and fall
Into every moment of the caliber
Moving in thru the beauty ablaze
Captivating them all in its radiance!

Behold! It has risen from the past
And slipped away from the silence of the dark
Gushing its way into eternity
To uphold the light into Paradise

The mysteries of silence

The mysteries of silence 
Is yet unknown…
Where it is bound to break the pain…
I feel the urge to 
Let go the rules…
For the pressure shall create the insane…
The time, the great 
And the path shall strike
The desires to stake the grasp…
And let HIM unfold 
The way ahead…
The loss to pass and life to gain…

The mirage

Moving along the waves of the dunes
Traveling thru the sands of time
Feel the scorching heat of the sun
Burning the heart into the soul

Looking up to the sky above
Raising the trembling hands in faith
On the knees waiting to take in
A drop of life to take away the misery

Every grain that was passed
Every moment a mystery it came
Pulling away the thoughts apart
And dropping them in different ways

Far beyond many a dune
Into the depth shone a light
In the form of the silver moon
Waking the beats and hopes alive

Inching the way to reach it out
To quench the thirst of a thousand days
Saving the breadth to live it a while
One in a many happy days

Crawling along with the heat
Nearing the valley thru the pace
Amongst the swishing of the trees
Hearing the ripples dance with grace

Closing the eyes for the count of three
Standing up again to walk a while
Feeling the gentle kiss of the breeze
Opened the eyes to take a view
All that was, was swept into silence
Behind the dunes of the dust
The mirage again had come alive
Raising the hope and false pride

The great big ball had burnt away
The silent mode of desire
From the depth of the waves of the dunes
Walking away into eternity

The faith is on

There will be rainbows ending
From where another begins
There are going to be battles
More than one to win

Just like Midas
The touch will be mine
A little wish to make
And everything will be fine

No more tears down
That have to speak
For all those great moments
That I desire to seek

I feel the strength within
From HIM above
In all that I see
In all those I love

Not long from now
The darkness will be gone
Many more steps to climb
But the faith is still on…

The bundle of joy

The rays of the dawn fell thru the pane
To set the colors free 
With the gentle wind breathing thru
Setting the morning alive

The beauty of life had grown to smile
As the sun moved along the path
But what lie beside you was a mystery
That inspired the beauty to life

So gentle is the touch of her hands
To wake you from the depth of night
So soft the eyes that gaze upon 
Innocent the look to follow you thru

So curious are the questions that often come
And stronger the demands that she makes
So sweet was the kiss to mellow you down
Following the most enchanting smile

So warm the hug that release her
From the little ways of mischief
So soothing are the  little words
That are merrier than a melody 

So sound are the thoughts that ponder
Right thru your way of life 
So simple are the dreams that seem
To be a way to nurture life

Nature has changed its path too
To get this glimpse of life again
From the first rays that fall upon 
To the silent hours of night

Prayed for you

Prayed for the silence of the mind
To flow free with the stream
Prayed for the silence of the beats
To form or weave into a dream

Prayed for the silence of the words
To sing along with the melody
Prayed for the silence of the steps
To dance along in rhapsody

Prayed for the silence of the sky
To bring in the brightness of the sun
Prayed for the silence of the earth
To bring in all its beauty, leaving none

Prayed them all to be with you
To give you all that you desire to see
Prayed them all to be in you
To be in you as you in me

Life Is Born

Life is born…
…the moment the eyes open to a new dawn
Life is born…
…with every word of hope for a new beginning
Life is born…
…through little hearts waiting to move ahead
Life is born…
…above the tides to ease the flow

Life is born… 
…in every little effort that made a great difference
Life is born… 
…past every obstacle to reach the goal
Life is born… 
…at every pat of honor on the shoulders of the strong 
Life is born… 
…to disarm every single blow

Life is born…
...every moment to grace the walk through the steps
Life is born… 
…as in every cycle to shower its very cause 
Life is born… 
…into each prayer to render the strength of faith
Life is born… 
…letting the light race the glow

Just one little success…

Just one little success 
To change the course
Just one little success 
To bring in the force
Just one little success 
To save the day
Just one little success 
To find the way
Just one little success 
To make it all happen
Just one little success 
For life again to begin…

Just keep me alive

Look at the sun that has risen
Spreading all its light as it comes
And all the colors that have come out
Leaving behind the darkness of yesterday
In your eyes keep me alive

Look at the beautiful things around
That makes your face shine bright
And brings out the smile that’s worth
More than several milky ways
In your smile keep me alive

As you go around in time
To reach out to the people you love
And heal their pain with a gentle touch
That HE has sent you from above
In your touch keep me alive

Let me take away all the pain
That you carry in your heart
And soothe you with a lullaby
And all that brings you joy each day
In your heart keep me alive

Let us treasure the memories
With all the ups and downs we had
Let us treasure you and me
Thru the good times and bad
In your memories keep me alive

You make this world a wonderful place
To live just the way you do
And bring me closer to you each day
To love you just the way you do
In your love keep me alive

Let me be in your time
Just the way you are in mine
So pure and refreshing as life can be
Making it worthwhile everyday
In your life keep me alive

In YOU just keep ME alive

I just want to be

I just want to be…
Your smile that can brighten up lives

I just want to be…
Your trust that shows the way to love

I just want to be…
Your dedication that you live thru into others

I just want to be…
Your loving hug for that feeling of being secured

I just want to be…
Your thoughts that can never tire of thinking just the right

I just want to be…
Your steps that moves towards the righteous

I just want to be…
Your heart that can accommodate all

I just want to be…
Your goodness to be HIS most loving child

I just want to be…
Your shoulder that can hold somebody’s tears

I just want to be…
Your silence when you want to be in peace…

How do I...?

How do I ever know you complete? 
For you are still a mystery

How do I ever get to you?
For you are still a mirage

How do I ever be in you?
For I am still your shadow

How do I ever judge you thru?
For you are what life has in me

How do I ever get away from you?
For you are still in all I am
How do I love you more?
For you are all of it personified

How do I say you are my friend?
For I still have to understand it

How do I write about you
For you are not just a drop 

How do I gift you ?
For you are all that I have

End of The Road! 

The end of a road I reached today,
What is it that I missed on the way?
The path was not so easy or clear
But tread along with hope and fear
Many a while did the seasons change
And every time it seemed so strange
That the stars scribed the fate as it was told
When there was enough space at every fold.
I turned around to witness the wake
With all the nerves in me at stake
And realized it is not the end of day
I still have the time to live all way!

The Path of Perfection

Go ahead! Inspire yourself!
Nothing in the world is created without precision
Every path shall lead the purpose
To tread along the path of perfection

Prepare to move ahead of the schedule
And create the right time to do the unfinished
Work must go on till the last preference
To tread along the path of perfection

Life is always full of choices
Placed in the two-way path of truth
Either way it's a prayer
To tread along the path of perfection

The Unknown

The truth is still unknown..
Or is everything still a mirage?
The time today is longer than yesterday
How unreasonable life can get!

 My feet only drag me towards home
With unwilling an heavy pace
With a shallow heart and deeper pain
And strands of faith unleashed!

Long before the sun has set
The night has taken over in haste!
Waiting and praying for the dawn
To re-assume the forgotten frame!

The Rainbow Princess

Breaking free from the scorching heat
The light escaped the sun through the rays
Travelled through the space of time
Silently landed by twilight as always.

Atop the mountains dwelled an angel it knew
Who welcomed them with arms open wide
They rushed through the valley falling the dew
The tears they couldn't sustain or hide.

She hugged them all, with all her love
Wiping away the tears she smiled
"Open your eyes and look around
At the wake that you have left behind!"

They all turned around to see
Still clinging on to her in fear
All the earth had turned to be
A place so divine to be here!

Passing through the drops of dew
Splashing the grains of beauty around
The rays had colored the earth anew
In its way of beauty profound!

Glowing in love the reds have come
To gather in all the hearts
That no one shall alone become
And none to be apart

Then was the orange that was to be
A messenger of faith and hope
To bind us all under His grace
With one single knot of His rope.

To release the bond of self within 
The yellow grains came along
And spread them all around therein
Tapping the melody of a song.

Through the fields as they passed
Sprinkling the freshness of the greens
Through the gentle they poured 
The soul of eternity

Through the blueness of the sky
They stay loyal to the earth
The time, the day, the path,
Through which it passes each day

The depth of the indigo as it comes
Cannot be fathomed or measured
Without the eyes of a martyr
The thoughts cannot be treasured

The violets are all born to give
To all those in distress
With all they seek and all they need
Through a gentle caress

They all came back together again 
To form the color of the pure
This was that of the inner self 
Of the angel they have known for sure

Touching the mountains and the plains
They lighted the earth and the sky to shine
And left a rainbow through them all
That the colors may never decline

They closed their eyes by the night
And sank into her in solace
For they realized it with delight 
That the angel was but the RAINBOW PRINCESS!

Just move on!

There may be many moments 
To vary in time
That brings a little message
Of hopes to rebound

There may be many moments 
To scatter around
The grits and spikes
On the roads to achieve

There may be many moments
To bring along 
The vast elegance
On the face of honor

There may b many moments
To borrow away 
The essence and the mode
Of colors into mystery

These moments may gather as one
To create a space of discord
That which makes a way through 
Is the will to just move on!

The Rainfall

We walked down past the greens
Glancing at the sky
The heat had done its deal
With a better pace this time

Just then a tiny drop fell upon
Ahead of the rest
An army was in the wake
Finding the way to calm the earth

They landed in plenty
As they showered from above
Splitter-splatter all over
Carrying us through the moment

Holding hands we walked through
In silence but full of joy
We giggled and laughed but said nothing
For the minds were best understood

As the drops got thinner
The sun began to see through
And the colors had sprayed across
Curving over on the other side

The Passing Cloud

Wading with the wind
Playing with the sun's mast
Came along in all its pure
A cloud, flying high through the vast

It passed over the mountains
Among the others of its clan
And gathered on its self
A free will and deep desire

Among the greens, so still in the woods
Stood there in grand white attire
Lone and lost among the crowd
A Princess? An Angel? It seemed to be

It glided down below her feet
As she climbed up the hill
And placed her over with graceful treat
As was meant to be by will

Up and above the rest so high
Soared into the blue of the sky
Fondly holding her to itself
Just as close to stop a fall

What followed was a wake of splendor
Of rainbows on the greens and streams
A wonder that could only be
Nothing beyond just a dream

It swelled with her giggles and laughter
And rose further into the sky's might
By the dark brought her back again
Wishing her a sweet slumber tight

Yet again at the grace of dawn
Yet again in the morning bright
They wandered and returned back before
The evening would claim the night

Long before it realized 
The self had faded away
But the joy of regaining her smile
Was the faith of the day

The Journey Ahead

The raindrops that fall on the earth 
Raising the fragrance of life through the breath
The rays of the sun at the first light
Shining from the eyes so radiantly pure

The tenderness of the smile
Letting the strains of today fade away
The notes that rise dive
Making the heart want to sway

The petals of a bloom
Arousing the softness of the touch
The vastness of the sky
The path is set right to move ahead

The brightness of the colors
Living through lives in all ways
The frivolous chirping of the birds
Engulfing the spirit of delight

The reach of the vast and the symphony
Greeting the day into the morn
The flow of treasured thoughts
Churning the moments of innocence

All gather around and watch the spray
Of freshness and mystery bound
To enhance the purpose and the ascent within
And submit in the clear stray of honor

I Treasure

I moved along the fields
And glided down the hills and valleys
In search of the perfect and the pure
To store within the essence of life at its best

As I came back gathering it all
Thought I could boast a heart full of you
But still felt the emptiness surround
I then realized it was just not enough

I then gathered more than it seemed
HIS grace, HIS ways, HIS love, HIS pace
Part of it all assembled into one
Now I can boast that my core too includes you!

The Change

Life seems to be stuck with some curse
When things go bad, and bad to worse

Why is the wait for life to seize?
Why have I let my limbs to freeze?

What have I done to bring this phase?
Arises when an empty mind sets its pace

From the highest pinnacle beyond the sphere
Unfold the Great! The dark shall clear!

This is no mysterious form of spell
Nor a beam of light that just fell

Ahead of the script and the righteous words
A greater form arises from the surds!

The radiance holds the core with might
And extends its glare to shoo the fright

Hold this self forever within
To ease the implore and create the win!

How silent can be!

How silent can you be 

When the noise is so great!? 

How silent can you be 

When the mind is still abate

How silent can you be 

When the time is on the rush

How silent can you be 

When you can't even say hush

How silent can you be 

When the intentions are so alive 

How silent can you be 

With so much buzz in the hive

But it's through pain of the pure

That we hear the calmest tone

And all that surround to mature

Is the greatest mode of silence alone!


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