Site coming down ... :(


Hi Guys 
              I will be taking this site down until further notice. The reason is that I have some exhibitions coming up and my new manager thinks it is unwise to have so many of my works up here while this is going on . Thanks to Zhibit for having me it has been good value having sold quite a few pieces and met some wonderful people through the site. Thanks also to the people who have left nice comments on my works ... So Ciao to everyone and I wish you all the best for the future ... Felice.


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Next Exhibition


Drawings and Oil Paintings

Upcoming Exhibition 

 Jarmbi Gallery 

Official Opening ..... Fri 12th December ...   7 PM

Anybody from Zhibit or anyone who is interested in my work is 
more than welcome to attend.


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Painting with The Possums in Alice Springs


It has been the most wonderful experience being here in a very spiritual place for the first time.

 I have just been doing some small studies on paper plates which I will transpose on to big

 canvases shortly. I have posted some of them in the Alice Springs Gallery...... Ce


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2nd Prize in Art Competition !!!


I am proud to announce I was awarded 2nd place in the 2D and 3D religious art competition ' The Rhythm of Life '.

My entry was inspired by the novel " I can jump puddles "

The winning entry was a wonderful sculpture by Brian Sanstrom titled  "Crux"  very simple yet very profound. Congratulations Brian,

The peoples choice award went to Walter Magilton for " All I see is black " fantastic work Walter ... Bravo.

The standard of work in the competition was excellent, every piece was very good, I was lucky to get 2nd.

The whole festival was a wonderful ,entertaining and uplifting experience.

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard on the festival and I hope it becomes a annual event.              Cheers Felice



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FullerEnterprises  Pamela FullerBravo!! I like this sculpture.
-- FullerEnterprises Pamela Fuller, 10/28/09

-- Anonymous, 9/25/09

Exhibition Dates ....!!


Hi Everyone

      My Exhibition dates have been finalised. I am pleased,proud, and excited to announce my exhibition will start in very late October and go for 14 days.

It will be titled "Darkness to Light."

I hope to finalise a chapter in my life

              God Bless ...........Felice


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It's fantastic! This is Magnaneve style that i know very well ! See You early! See you early byNicola from Italy
-- Nicola Scalzitti, 10/28/09

Darling, where ? xxxxxxx
-- Anonymous, 8/20/09

Wow things could be happening...


I have added a few photos..............and I hope to be announcing my exhibition dates shortly.......


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New Stuff Bad photos


I have uploaded some new work and I have joined facebook....Wow  facebook...its very busy on 

this painting is called Walking the Man,

I saw a young man trying to walk a giant poodle and he was being dragged all over the park and he tripped over a couple of times . It made me laugh so much I did a painting about it.

He kept getting up though and that was courageous and admirable.

Now when ever I look at this work,I laugh about this guy being dragged around.




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Rupert Betheras Exhibition Opening Night


I attended the opening of Rupert Betheras' latest solo exhibition last week.

It was held at the fabulous Alcaston Gallery,it was a great night.

I was very Impressed with his new work.Have a look at his work...

It is on for a couple more weeks at 11 Brunswick St Fitzroy or check this site.

I'm a bit biased as he is a friend of mine ,tell me what you think.



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More Professional Photos Comming !!


As more of my works can be professionally photographed I will be adding them

or replacing them as soon as I can.

Lots more New work Comming **


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Felice, Congratulations on winning the 2nd prize. Your work is wonderful. I read on artspan that part of your work is about dealing with depression. I am an art quilter who works in surface design expressing my feelings on phases of my depression through the years. It has been a long and arduous process, but my art work is cathartic. I just finished a piece called "She's Come Undone" and am working on others. I wish you the best as you go through this experience, and your work gives deep insight to the chaos of living with this illness. Lynne
-- Lynne Brotman, 9/21/10

Mi stupisce sempre piu la tua genialita'
-- Gianni, 7/28/09

Felice Cipriani abstract art 

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