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Felice Cipriani Abstract Paintings & Drawings

Artist directory :: Felice Cipriani Abstract Paintings & Drawings

I am a Painter I paint abstract, Oil on canvas or linen using a knife, my fingers, and some tricks I have learned in 50 years or more. I paint my feelings and experiences, good, bad and crazy. I want to tell a story....through my paintings

Felice Cipriani Abstract Paintings & Drawings


Felice Cipriani 
I am a Painter.. I started drawing at the age of 2,from the age of 6 I wanted to be a painter.From the age of nine I was telling everyone , "I'm going to be a painter." I studied the masters from the age of nine and I still do. By the time I came to Australia from Italy and started school at St. Georges in Carlton I was 8 and I was drawing very well.I would spend hours in the church copying the beautiful paintings that were there. As I couldn't speak english my gift of drawing came in very handy , Early on if I didnt have my homework , I would simply do a lovely sketch of the teacher on the day and tell them I'm still learning english.That worked for a while As a teenager I grew up in Carlton in the late 60's and early 70's I went to Princes Hill...


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Point Vernon, QL 4655


Abstract Drawings Abstract Drawings Professional Photos Click on Large Image to enlarge further to check detail.
Spiritual Drawings  Spiritual Drawings Abstract Inspired by the Popes visit to Australia. Click on Large Image to enlarge further to check detail.
Paintings on Canvas Abstract Paintings Professional Photos Click on large Image to enlarge further to check detail.
Paintings on board Abstract Paintings . Amateur photos
NEW Stuff BAD photos Some of my new stuff my crappy photos all Oil on canvas.
Odds n Sods More Drawings and mixed media work , Amateur Photos
New Drawings  Some drawings I have done in the last few months
Retro Photos  4 items
Experiments Just having a play with different styles ,my first landscape for decades and one in Pollock style.
My Studio "The Door" These are photos of my studio that I have redecorated after the style of Jackson Pollock.
My Studio  Some Photos of where I Live ,Work n Play
Newer Stuff Bad Photos some paintings I have done in the last 6 months since may 09
Bushfires  These works were done on and after Black Saturday they depict my view from Pyalong of the fires , back to Kilmore and across to Wandong.
Acrylic Experiments Just experimenting with acrylic paint on canvas for the first
New Acrylic 2011-12 Enjoying working with Acrylic.
Alice Springs After being in Alice for a month absorbing all the amazing spiritual feelings this place exudes..... I have finally started doing some studies on small plates which I will use to make some nice canvases from.....
2013  Acrylic Paintings ... 2013 Acrylic Paintings .. Painted in Alice Springs
Recent works 2014 Collaboration with Neil Mcleod
Drawings from the exhibition ... The Confessional Box.. Illustrating the Sins of the clergy
Rock Sculptures Wisemans Ferry I have been living at beautiful Wisemans Ferry in a house overlooking the Hawkesbury River .... Painting,Drawing and I decided to try my hand at doing some rock sculptures along the driveway coming down to the house. I really enjoy doing them and I add another couple every week ....


Site coming down ... :(
Hi Guys I will be taking this site down until further notice.

Next Exhibition
Exhibition coming up in the Jarmbi Gallery at Burrinja in Upwey Official Opening ..... Fri 12th December ... 7 PM Anybody from Zhibit or anyone who is interested in my work is more than welcome to attend.

Painting with The Possums in Alice Springs
Been living in Alice Springs for a month now thanks to the kindness of my Friends Lionel, Gabriella & Michelle Possum and Rory Davis.

2nd Prize in Art Competition !!!
I am proud to announce I was awarded 2nd place in the 2D and 3D religious art competition 'The Rhythm of Life '. My entry was inspired by the novel "I can jump puddles " The winning entry was a wonderful sculpture by Brian Sanstrom titled "Crux" very simple yet very profound. Congratulations Brian, The peoples choice award went to Walter Magilton for "All I see is black " fantastic work Walter ...

Exhibition Dates ....!!
Hi Everyone My Exhibition dates have been finalised. I am pleased,proud, and excited to announce my exhibition will start in very late October and go for 14 days.

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