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Just a thought that provoked a matter of preference; I received a couple of cut flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day; I Iove flowers, they are so beautiful and nurturing; though, after a few days I put them outside because the scent of dying flowers does not sit well with me. I like receiving flowers, but I can’t help considering the fact that had they not been cut, they would still be blooming beautifully in their natural state for us to enjoy.  Flowers die off eventually, but, I would prefer to see them blooming and die naturally, rather cutting for a few days of enjoyment and watch them die.  However, I’m grateful for receiving flowers and the thought behind receiving them.  The photo is a painting of flowers from within that can be enjoyed for a lifetime (NFS) and there’s always the option of silk flowers and stick flowers- just running thoughts through my head of preferences regarding cut flowers.
Just A Thought- Have a beautiful day:)


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