dr. u r so inspiring i hope ill think once like u :D with all my respects (student)
-- Yasmine Alatrash, 11/21/11

just like to say that you are the best arts teacher, u teach us to live and love our artwork while doing it no matter how simple it is, and that is in my opinion way beyond teaching and that what makes you a one of a kind teacher and i consider myself lucky to be your student :) ... by the way , take it easy on us considering the deadlines :P
-- Mohammad El Husseini, 12/1/10

I like ur work!! Ur amazing Artist !! proud to be ur student
-- Sherine Itani, 3/25/10

i love ur work and proud to be your student ..:)
-- Sara Maziad, 3/19/10

Norma BrinkerI like it, I like it a lot, All of it!
-- Norma Brinker, 2/17/10

nice work dude i like the shoes
-- Eric Fillon, 11/10/09

Amazing how you express your inner thoughts and emotions out loud through arts
-- Daisy Najm, 10/17/09

  P e t e r  A l a n  really accomplished work, ghassan. creativity n blessings, peter alan
-- P e t e r A l a n , 8/15/09

I love your work because I think it shows soul & that makes it impeccable. I think your “Feetbook” is one of your most remarkable works. I specifically accolade your 2007 “Barre-toi” & your 2003 “Silence”. Best wishes.
-- Eman, 3/3/09

Hello. I stumbled upon your work through Artreview.com Very Interesting Work. Best. Kyle
-- Kyle, 6/28/08

I really love your work. Very interesting. Hope to see more of it.
-- Louis Lescas, 3/26/08

Hello my friend. i really enjoy your art. I hope to chat and see more your at in the coming days. take care and feel free to visit my site on zhibit.org. louis Lescas
-- Louis Lescas, 3/17/08

I really enjoy the great work you're doing, as well as the wonderful observations you capture in your statement. Cheers! -Mathew
-- Mathew Clay Freeman, 3/5/08

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