Little Showoff
Hi All. Been awhile since my last post. Karen and I just returned from an amazing exhibit of Norman Rockwell's work at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. Absolutely stunning to see some of his original artwork up close. I have seen reproductions of nearly all the works that were on display but I can honestly say the best prints don't do these originals justice in terms of his outstanding technique.  One should see the originals in person to really appreciate the talent of this master artist.

I will be posting more new work soon as I am focusing for the time being on floral paintings and  landscapes. The painting shown here is called 'little showoff' ; a 12 x 16 oil of one of Karen's many wonderful flowers (an African Daisy) in our backyard.  I will soon be adding a shopping cart and offering fine art prints so check back soon for updates.


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